Cool Parasol (クーラーパラソル Kūrāparasoru) is an episode from the Doraemon 1973 anime.


Nobita is walking with sweat as he went to the pool. Shizuka-chan passed the street there with an umbrella. It feels cool in the umbrellas. Nobita tried to get inside, but she declined very much. Doraemon appears when Nobita is standing in a puff. He took a Parasol out of his pocket. A very cool wind will blow through. Actually this is Cool Parasol. It was from the future cooling equipment. In such a situation, a tournament was about to be held in the town. There is no mistake if you use the Cool Parasol. Nobita thought it was an unfathomable idea. In such a case, Doraemon is acquainted with a Chindon shop. Doraemon who was impressed with helping the Chindon shop, is going to support the championship. First of all, switch Nobita's Cool Parasol to a heater and let him faint. Although it is Doraemon who gives Cool Parasol to Chindon shop, it is rejected as "Do not cheat". Doraemon gives himself up with cooler umbrellas at maximum power and blows his own breath frozen on the Chindon shop. If this is the case Parasol is not used directly. It was worthwhile to have a brilliant Chindon shop won. At the end, Doraemon became ice pickles.


Gadgets used

  • Cool Parasol



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