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Copy Robot (コピーロボット Copi Robotto) is a gadget used in Doraemon.


The robot initially appears as a blank humanoid puppet with a red, nose-like button as its switch, used for startup and shutdown.

It can mimic multiple attributes of its target, from appearance and physiology to psychology and sentience. On top of the accuracy deficiencies, however, it is also vulnerable to mechanical defects (impacts, etc), both of which can greatly impede its performance.

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  • It looks exactly like the doll Mitsuo Suwa uses to clone himself in Perman, another manga and anime series by Fujiko F. Fujio.
  • There is a similar gadget named True Feeling Robot which is also capable of telling the user's true feelings.
  • A boss from the original Rockman game was named Copy Robot in the Playstation Remake.


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