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Copying Toast (暗記 パン Anki Pan, lit. "Memorization Bread") or Memory Bread in the Hindi and English dub, is a gadget that resembles a typical, single-loaf of plain bread. It allows the user to memorize any contents 'printed' on it.


To use the Copying Toast, one should press one side of the toast on a book with either text or pictures. The text or picture will then be 'printed' (in the bread's case, 'sticks onto it') on the toast. Eating the toast later will allow the eater to remember whatever content that has been printed on the toast.

The user will forget the content (if they never did memorize it normally) if the toasts are expelled out from their system. Like how Nobita had a stomach ache and had to 'expel' them into the toilet, he forgets everything printed on the toasts.

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  • Since the Copying Toast is a type of bread, a fibre or 'roughage' by food group, it is almost impossible to memorize the printed contents on it unless the person had completely digested and absorbed the bread into their body. Although breads are soluble fibres, it takes time for them to be completely absorbed.
  • It has a minigame in Doraemon Wii.
  • In September of 2021, it is revealed that KFC will sold the "Doraemon Mystic Gadget" toy set in Mainland China, and each four of the toys were Doraemon/gadget-styled furniture. One of the toys were function like mini toaster, and either two of the toast toys were stamps or notebooks.