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Day Changing Calendar
Doraemon Episode 823
Release date December 9, 2016
Japanese title 日づけ変更カレンダー
English title Day-changing Calendar
Season number 12
Episode number 465B
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Day Changing Calendar is an episode of the 2005 anime.


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Nobita is supposed to buy a skateboard at Christmas when he see Gian and Suneo playing on a skateboard. He wants a skateboard now so he beg his mom and dad early, but they told Nobita to endure it until Christmas and Nobita was disappointed.

Nobita said if the Christmas is not coming in a flash. Then Doraemon release his gadget that is called the "Day-changing Calendar". Doraemon said that if you change the date of this calendar, it will becomes near on the calendar of that day.

Nobita changed the date on the calendar day on December 25th, Then his dad was panicked and went on a business trip, and his mom heard that today is December 23rd on TV news. Mom calls the TV station.

Nobita asks his mom to give his Christmas present, but he hasn't bought it yet, so his mom told to wait until next Christmas. So Nobita return the date of the calendar to December 23rd. After that, his mom bought him a present. His mom said that he will be able to open the present when December 25th comes so Nobita changed it to December 25th again.


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