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Deluxe Light (デラックスライト), called Gorgeous Light (ゴージャスライト) in the 1979 anime, is one of Doraemon's Gadgets.



In 1979 anime

When the light is shined on a regular object, it becomes a "deluxe" object (an example is a regular desk chair turned into an executive chair), to make the object regular again, the user must have the light shined on it again.



Mrs.Goda's outfit transformed into royal gown

In the 1979 episode, the gadget is used to transform Gian's house into an elegant manor as Gian doesn't want Jaiko to embarrass her foreign friend. At the end of the episode, Nobita accidentally transforms Mrs. Goda's cloth into an elegant royal gown.

  • Transform Nobisuke's outfit into an outfit to attend wedding.
  • Transform Shizuka's dollchain into giant doll.
  • Transform Sunekichi's car into a car with shrine.
  • Transform Gian's house into elegant manor (twice).
  • Transform Muku into poodle.
  • Transform japanese snake into tea and cake.
  • Transform Mrs. Goda's clothes into a royal gown.
  • Transform Gonsuke into deluxe robot (head only).

In the 2005 remake, the following become deluxified:

  • Nobita's helicopter
  • Nobita's chair
  • Tamako's Watch
  • Nobisuke's camera (becomes digital)
  • A girl's doll (becomes more realistic, which the girl thinks is freaky)
  • Shizuka's outfit
  • Takeshi's dog Muku (becomes a poodle)
  • Doraemon (becomes gold)
  • The Nobi house

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  • Quite strangely, in his Deluxe form, Doraemon does not get stronger. He goes as far as to call himself a "Deluxified Disaster".