名刀「電光丸」Meitō "Denkōmaru"

Denkomaru 578a


Owner(s) Doraemon
User(s) Doraemon, Nobita Nobi
Gadget-type Legendary sword
Manga debut Chapter 193: The Legendary Sword: Lightning Bolt
The Denkomaru, or Sword of Denkomaru, and sometimes referred to as 'Sword of Light' or 'Electrical Sword', is a gadget that resembles a colored toy sword. It is gold-colored when activated and sliver-colored when not. It allows its bearer to parry incoming attacks and performs exceptional Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu.

Function and Feature

The Denkomaru acts as a parrying weapon and also doubles as a instant knock-out finisher. The sword is built-in with a sensor that will detect any incoming attacks(usually from conventional weapons). It will automatically 'deflect' or block the attacks, nullifying it completely. After a deflect/block, which usually cause the attacker to stagger(in a sword fight), the Denkomaru will immediately counterattack. Denkomaru's counterattack is always very swift, dexterous and almost impossible to avoid nor blocked.

Denkomaru only works when it is currently wielded. The Denkomaru may or may not be able to deflect projectiles(particularly bullets).

Though technically a sword and made from alloy, the Denkomaru is regarded as a blunt weapon as it cannot technically cut any opponent as only to knock them unconscious with a powerful strike.

The sword runs on battery and may still break despite being able to block real steel studded clubs with finesse.

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  • The sword "Denkomaru" is based from the sword Issun Boshi wield and made from a sewing needle to chase away oni (demons). The sword's name was never official, but many popular cultures named it as so.
  • In 2005 series episode The Great Pirate Decisive Battle ~Love Romance of the Southern Sea~, the gadget Lightning Bolt Sabre was an alternative version of the Denkomaru, but in the form of a sabre instead of katana.
  • According to The Doraemons: Robot Academy Volume 1, Doraemon considered using this weapon as his signature attack but decided against it. Nevertheless, this sword was later used multiple times when Doraemon was required to battle his opponent.
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