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The Dictator Switch (a.k.a. Delete Key) is a dangerous gadget used in the episodes The Dictator Switch and its 1995 remake, Nobita is a Dictator?! It has the ability to erase people of their existence.


In the future lived a powerful dictator who ruled the whole world. The dictator's power was used to control the citizens by ordering them to follow the same ideology. Anyone who opposed or obstructed the dictator were erased off the face of the earth with the switch. In this way, the whole world would go according to the way that the dictator wants it to be. In the scene before the last scene of the episode "The Dictator Switch", Doraemon reveals that this gadget was not created for dictators, but was rather created to teach people a lesson that becoming a dictator is bad.


The switch is capable of removing whatever subjects from existence at the user's demand (including their traces of existence and relevant memories), and the effect can be undone by pressing it again.

Doraemon cannot be despawned by the Dictator Switch and is immune to all of its effects.

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  • The concept and effects of the tool resembles the concept of unperson, as introduced in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four novel.
  • In Doraemon Wii: Secret Tool King Tournament, there is a minigame called Dokusai Switch that involves the item. The characters have to press A quickly, and someone hits the one who presses the button last. Whoever survives wins. However, in the game, the victim is still remembered by the winner.
  • It can be assumed that the switch either doesn't affect robots, or it doesn't affect the owner. For example, Doraemon cannot be removed, and he still remembers people despawned by it.
    • The original manga version of the switch is a gadget for teaching the dictators a lesson, Nobita accidentally pressed the button shouting "everyone disappears" while having a nightmare of everyone he knows bullying him. He panicked and cried after finding out everyone is gone, begging for people to return, and even just Gian coming back would be fine. After that, everyone walked in with Doraemon and Doraemon announced the real usage of the switch as a lesson.