The Dictator Switch (a.k.a. Delete Key) is a gadget used in the episodes The Dictator Switch and its 1995 remake, Nobita is a Dictator?! It has the ability to erase people of their existence.


In the future lived a powerful dictator who ruled the whole world. The dictator's power was used to control the citizens by ordering them to follow the same ideology. Anyone who opposed or obstructed the dictator were erased off the face of the earth with the switch. In this way, the whole world would go according to the way that the dictator wants it to be.


The switch makes people, even animals, disappear with the push of a button without leaving any traces behind. No one would remember that the person who was erased existed, except for the ones that witnessed the disappearance, such as the user. Interestingly, Doraemon seems to know that Nobita used the switch to delete people (in this case Gian and Suneo), but makes no mention of having no recollection of them.

It also has the power to make everyone disappear. In the episode, Nobita dreams of everyone mocking him, and even Shizuka and Doraemon turning their backs against him. Pushing the button to sentence everyone's non-existence, this leaves him the last boy on earth and the world now becomes his. Eventually, Nobita, having his conscience realized, wants anyone to come out before his eyes. Doraemon, who is the owner of the switch, is revealed to be in hiding all this while and tells him the switch is unable to make him disappear.

The switch also undoes the disappearance if pressed twice, and consequently lights up the whole town in turn. Doraemon gave this to Nobita to teach him a lesson about people.

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  • The concept and effects of the tool resembles the concept of unperson, as introduced in George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four novel.
  • In Doraemon Wii: Secret Tool King Tournament, there is a minigame called Dokusai Switch that involves the item. The characters have to press A quickly, and someone hits the one who presses the button last. Whoever survives wins. However, in the game, the victim is still remembered by the winner.
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