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2005 anime series
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Doctor Bag


Doctor Bag 2005

Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date February 3, 2017
Season 13
Episode number 471b
Adapted manga chapter
Doraemon Doctor Bag
Theme Songs

Doctor Bag is an episode from the 2005 series.


After finding out that Shizuka has gotten a cold, Nobita decides to fake a cold so that he could rest. Doraemon then brings out a medical gadget "Doctor's Bag" to cure him of any illness. Impressed with the gadget, Nobita decides to use it to cure Shizuka's cold so that she could play with him. While at Shizuka's house, she reveals to Nobita that her cold has reduced and she doesn't feel feverish anymore. However, Suneo arrives and is not in a good shape so Nobita decides to use the Doctor's Bag gadget to cure him along with Gian who finds out about the gadget from Suneo. Later, the rumor about Nobita's doctor abilities spreads throughout the neighborhood and kids all rush to Shizuka's place to ask Nobita to cure them. Eventually the medicine in the gadget runs out and Nobita decides to go back home.

While at home, Shizuka comes back and asks Nobita to examine her as her fever and cold has returned. Nobita tries to explain that the medicine has ran out but Shizuka begs him to examine her and Nobita accepts the offer. Just as Shizuka is about take off her shirt for the examination, Doraemon arrives and asks Nobita whether he knows that the medicine in the Doctor's Bag has ran out and therefore cannot be used. This causes Shizuka to angrily question Nobita whether he was tricking her. Nobita tries to explain the situation, however Shizuka, furious over being taken advantage of, beats up Nobita and leaves the house. The episode ends with Nobita asking Doraemon whether he could cure his injuries to which Doraemon replies that he can't, causing Nobita to sigh.


Gadgets used


  • In the original manga, Gian was naked when he tried to have Nobita examine him. This was changed due to stricter censorship.
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