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The episode depicted in this article is from 1979 anime.

Doesn't anyone want a Nobita merchandise? (のび太はいかが Nobita Haikaga) is an episode from the Doraemon 1979 anime.


Suneo, as usual, shows off his expensive merchandise from a mech series to Nobita and his friends. Nobita is jealous of Suneo and wants something which resembles it. He seeks help from Doraemon, who agrees. After Nobita pays to Doraemon for a notebook of his favourite franchise, which Doraemon brings back in a minute. Nobita becomes suspicious of him, and follows him into the backyard. Doraemon has set up a special temporary room through his gadgets, which contains a machine that makes a merchandise out of anything which appears before its lens.

Nobita tries to use the machine, and a board game about Nobita's life comes out. He realizes the fact that it makes a merchandise out of anything before its lens. He reads the manual of the game, and as it is based on his sorrowful life, he throws it away. He decides to sell his merchandise among his friends, so he creates more items using the gadget. He arrives at the open lot to sell them. But his friends reject the items saying they "must be of low quality, since it is of Nobita". Nobita comes back home, disappointed. He sees Doraemon playing the board game which Nobita threw off inside the room, and starts laughing as Nobita gets bitten by a dog.

Nobita shouts on Doraemon for doing so, and shows all the items that he created out of the machine. Doraemon says that he has to pay for all these, and that there was no way they could pay off a sum of such large money to the gadget. The episode ends as Nobita starts crying before Doraemon.


Gadgets used[]

  • Merchandise Ordering Machine


  • The extra Anime-exclusive filler shows Doraemon playing Nobita Board Game before Nobita kicks it.
  • This episode was unoffically dubbed in English by Speedy Video as "The Game For Specky's Life."

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