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Gaze upon the Queen of Roses, Dora Crybaby!!

— Introducing "herself" to Doraemon, Wang Dora, and Dora-rinho

Dora Crybaby (ナキドーラ Nakidora) fully known as "Queen of Roses, Dora Crybaby", is a crossdressing robot cat that ruled the castle area in the gameworld. He serves as Jerry's underling under the order of an unnamed boy.


Dora Crybaby was one of the unnamed boy's generals, along with Dora Eater and DraDra Dora. The three were created by him as a part of the plan to bring upon the "World without Friendship". He was stationed at the Rose Castle, using the rose's raging aroma to turn the Doraemons against each other. The plan however, partially worked (due to Doraemon's nose malfunctioned and Dora-rinho being sick), forcing him to disguise himself and causing the fight among Wang Dora and the other two, though after revealing his true identity, the trio quickly ceased their fight due to Dora Crybaby's scariness. Furious by their comments of his beauty, Dora Crybaby engaged in the battle utilizing his ability to summon rose thorns and Voice Solidification Potion. Despite his powerful abilities, Dora Crybaby lost to the trio after they reflect his solidified voice back to him.

Later, when Jerry began destroying the game world, Dora Crybaby along with his comrades engaged in battle to stop him, citing that his master (the unnamed boy)'s safety is first while winking at Doraemon. Miraculously, he and his comrades survived the game world's destruction and became a real robot.


Although somewhat vain and concerned with "her" appearance, Dora Crybaby values friendship, loyalty and bonds and is also chivalrous, willingly help Doraemon and the gang when Jerry went berserk to save her master.


  • Although he is a male cat, they considered "Him" as a Homo or Bisexual cat.
  • In Thai Version, he is known as "Dora Daisy the Crybaby".

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