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DoraBase Manga Cover

The cover art of Dorabase volume 22.

Dorabase (ドラベース, Dorabesu) (subtitled Doraemon Super Baseball Gaiden (ドラえもん超野球(スーパーベースボール)外伝) is a baseball manga series by Shintaro Mugiwara based on the characters of long-running series Doraemon. It is published in Shogakukan's CoroCoro Comic magazine.

This comic follows the story of Kuroemon and the Edogawa Dora's baseball team. Though Doraemon makes a cameo in the beginning of the series, it doesn't focus on Doraemon himself (because Doraemon must go back to the past to help Nobita). Baseball game in this series features a lot of techniques from players, and within the game, is allowed to use up to 3 gadgets. The manga ran from September 2000 to 2011, completed with 23 volumes. 

The sequel manga, titled Shin Dorabase (新ドラベース "New Dorabase"), was published in CoroCoro Comic magazine from 2012 to 2014. The sequel follows the story of Tamaemon and the Tamagawa Dora's baseball team.