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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
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2005 anime series
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Doraemon's Long Day
Doraemon no nagai tsuitachi
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date September 11, 2009
Season 5
Episode number 185
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Doraemon's Long Day (ドラえもんの長い一日 Doraemon no nagai tsuitachi) is an episode from the Doraemon 2005 anime.


The episode begins in the far future with the mechanical robber Denja speeding to the Rich Bank in his black car. As he stops, a bank employee reminds him parking is prohibited. Denja pretends to apologize, then grabs his expanding portable artillery and begins nuking the bank, creating several incendiary blasts. As he walks in the burning rubble, he continues firing his gun as the camera zooms into his eye.

In the modern day, Nobita pinches and squeezes Doraemon's elastic nose, remarking he might be able to substitute it with a red marble. Doraemon suddenly wakes up and becomes curious, though Nobita denies even asking the question, and gives a similar negative response when Doraemon inquires on the clay pile he is working on, which he considers oversized. While Nobita walks off to find additional materials, Doraemon decides to enjoy his Premium Dorayaki, which he claims queuing three hours for, though not before rubbing it around his face. Nobita ends up losing his balance when retrieving a box and collapses just as Doraemon attempts to devour it, causing the latter to embark on a frantic search. When Nobita gets to his senses, he turns his head around, and Doraemon screams in anguish at the macabre sight of the squashed Dorayaki.

Meanwhile, Dorami is on her way to Nobita's home on a time machine, still complaining of Doraemon not attending his annual check-ups. Just as she pops up from the drawer portal, a pillow smacks her in the face. Nobita attempts to excuse himself while an enraged Doraemon pursues him around, continually highlighting the value of his destroyed snack, as the pillow drops, with both fighting each other off. Nobita claims it would have ended with an apology, though Doraemon cites if that ever resolves everything his presence is meaningless. They insult each other, and engage in a violent brawl until Dorami's shout forces them to yield. In a fit of rage, Doraemon declares his intentions to return permanently and hops into the drawer portal, finding Nobita unbearable. They refuse to bulge, taunting each other with facial expressions as Doraemon sinks back in. Nobita sighs, and Dorami comforts him, claiming she would pacify and convince Doraemon. Nobita suddenly turns around, begging for her promises to deliver, while also mentioning his attempt to celebrate Doraemon's birthday, as she nods in agreement. The camera pans back at the clay mound on Nobita's desk.

Denja brute forces his way out of the bank with three bags of cash in his grasp. Tiny security bots attempting to stall him were pummeled by his devastating melee strikes, ending with his throw destroying a group of them. Finding the authorities closing onto him, he makes a sarcastic comment on actually pursing him despite their duties and hops into his vehicle. Groups of police hovercraft give chase, though he easily wards them off with a pulse mine, knocking his enemies airborne in a massive, green plume. Gloating on his victory, Denja suddenly encounters a dog on the freeway and swerves, only for his vehicle to skid, impact and rotate multiple times until it violently explodes in a green flash. As the terrified puppy flees, the light quickly subsides, and black smoke rises from the wreckage.

Dorami attempts to explain Nobita wasn't actually evil, though he rebukes with Nobita's tendencies mostly unknown to her. She then attempts reverse psychology, declaring he might have understood Nobita better. He was quick to realize his logical fallacy, but eventually concedes to Dorami's request of reconciliation. Unfortunately, he had completely forgotten Dorami was taking him to medical checkups, much to his terror, as she corners him. As he is being pushed, Doraemon claims to have a cramp and is continually annoyed. Eventually, he dupes Dorami with the Substitution Rope as she chastises him, only for her to panic upon assuming control of his body. Enraged, she furiously pursues him and attaches the cord, knocking Doraemon from the ensuing collision, before dragging him away.

Authorities have surrounded Denja near the burning wreck. Critically damaged, he laments on his calamity and loses power.

Doraemon gets rowdy despite the doctor assuring him the process would pose no harm while Dorami leaves him around. He is then administered anesthetics and disabled.

Paramedics and police officers wheel the crippled Denja into the operating room. The doctor inspects Denja and demands work to begin immediately due to catastrophic hull damage, When he notices the handcuffs, an inspector walks in, informing him of Denja's status and displaying his badge, as well as his desire to bring the criminal to justice. They walk off for an extended discussion on Denja, who reboots, opens his functional fingers before extending two slithering tentacle cords to the substitution rope.

Seizing Doraemon's body, Denja wakes to the medics claiming no abnormalities on him. He makes a sinister grin, while officers outside express relieve at Denja's capture. He walks out of the hospital, oblivious to Dorami, who stops him for rudely ignoring her. He frantically searches through the tablet and finds her identity as he mumbles to himself. She reminds him of his reconciliation with Nobita and he promptly researches, before following to blend in.

Doraemon activates inside Denja's chassis, confronted by the inspector, a group of officers, and the doctor, the latter noting malfunctions in his vocal modules. The inspector reveals the magnitude of Denja's crimes capable of sentencing him for an entire century, as well as his disarming (amongst his armory were rockets, energy charges, daggers, hand grenades, grenade launchers, the grappling cords, bullets and an HMG), concluding with an reiteration on his persecution. Doraemon, having committed none of them, resists and as the inspector assures them of the restraints locking Denja in place, he breaks free. The officers draw their energy pistols on him, though Doraemon ends up also destroying the handcuffs unintentionally. The inspector recovers from his fall and orders them to open fire, and the ensuing scuffle destroys the room when a ricocheting bolt hits a white explosive shell, forcing them to flee just before its detonation. They all cough, and when the inspector spots Doraemon behind him, the latter flees, still confused over the pandemonium.

Meanwhile, as Denja travels in the Time Machine to meet Nobita, he maniacally laughs.

The inspector orders an immediate evacuation with Doraemon on the loose, who attempts to comprehend the situation, including his notoriety. He runs past two officers who lower a barricade to obstruct him, forcing him to scramble upstairs, where a terrified hospital staff member accidentally releases a hovering stretcher. Three more officers intercepting him are forced to retreat when the machine simply plows at and through them. Noticing a feeble bot ahead of him on a walking stick, Doraemon kicks the hallway to redirect himself and avoids a collision, though he ends up ramming into another wall. Hearing doors sliding, Doraemon ventures inside and finds the security terminal, hoping to extract clues from surveillance footage. Surprisingly, he finds Denja having manipulated the substitution rope and is heading straight to Nobita. Perceiving his best friend under threat, Doraemon escapes, walking inverted to avoid police attention as they lock down the hospital. A robot comments on his erratic movement, though Doraemon assures himself, as Denja's arms were sufficiently long for him to pull it off. Struggling away, he vows to find Nobita as clouds obstruct the sky.

Denja arrives in Nobita's room and scans around, commenting the identity he has to assume before looking at the box on the desk. Nobita bursts in and chastises him for trying to spoil the surprise, though Denja instead highlights a spelling mistake present, which ends up amusing Nobita instead. Denja finds Nobita's stupidity beyond his belief, despite having also acquired Nobita's profile. As he turns around, Nobita senses an anomaly and becomes concerned about the earlier argument with Doraemon. Denja briefly panics and attempts to mask his own wrath. Relieved, Nobita offers some dorayakis he purchased himself as an apologetic gesture, though Denja finds its sweet flavor intolerable and becomes enraged. Before he could react further, Gian and Suneo appear outside, threatening Nobita to play baseball, despite the latter claiming he has to celebrate Doraemon's birthday. When they insist, Nobita asks Denja, who becomes enthusiastic and runs off, much to Nobita's confusion.

Hiding in the sewers, Doraemon peeks from the grating and sighs, but is suddenly horrified by a rat, causing a minor tremor. He crawls out as night falls and heads to Sewashi's aopartment. Dorami is watching soap while eating pudding just as Sewashi walks in complaining about the weather. Annoyed at Dorami weeping on a boring show, he snaps his fingers, prompting a channel switch on TV just before the episode reaches its climax, much to her chagrin as he chuckles. Doraemon scales the balconies when news report alerts wanted criminal Denja escaping from the hospital they visited today, horrifying her on their weak security. Sewashi decides to shut the windows, only to be terrified with Dorami when Doraemon makes his appearance, attempting to explain his identity to no avail. Sewashi alerts the authorities and Dorami prepares to attack with a hammer. Searching the nearby bin, Doraemon draws his face on a small sack with a marker, wearing it to convince the two, who remain confounded. Spotlights from police hovercrafts corner him, with the inspector adamant on capturing Doraemon, while taunting him on an ineffective disguise. Desperate, Doraemon escapes by hopping onto the hovercrafts, nearly killing the inspector and his police escort, leaving Sewashi and Dorami stupefied.

Doraemon absconds to a landfill. He pummels the ground in protest to the earlier events, causing more items to bury him, though he makes out soon after. While he is delighted at finding a Time Belt dropping from his head, it becomes dysfunctional on use, much to his despair. Just then, he spots a glowing magenta marble to his left and finally recalls Nobita's purpose earlier on - he was making a miniature Doraemon action figure for celebration purposes. Motivated, Doraemon decides to repair the broken item instead.

Denja proves to be a somewhat proficient baseball pitcher and completes a home run. He is somewhat confused and intrigued by his own actions, as he began playing for real just to maintain his disguise. On the otherhand, Nobita ends up displeasing everyone with his terrible skills.

With a faint light source, Doraemon manages to fully repair the time belt, determined to save his best friend. Police tactical units were dispatched to his location just as he equips the time belt and pockets the marble. His warp attempt leaves him in disappointment as the belt experiences an energy shortage, and he frantically jumps around in grief right before the squads fire their shock grenades, paralyzing him but also inadvertently powering the belt, all while the inspector mocks him. Before he count move in for the arrest, Doraemon teleports back in time and vanishes, leaving behind the mask and a wrathful inspector. As he travels, Doraemon reiterates his intentions to himself.

Denja makes another successful home run, and the kids celebrate by throwing him into the air. Despite asking for them to stop, he nevertheless still finds satisfaction. Most leave, with Nobita collecting the balls while Denja rests on a bench. They discuss the baseball match today, and while Denja approves of his efforts, Nobita is still crestfallen as he almost turned a close win to a close defeat. Denja offers to instruct him instead. Nobita misses the first, to which Denja advises him to keep his eyes ope and trained on the ball, allowing him to deliver a second powerful hit. Denja believes he could still use some improvement, though Nobita was overjoyed and hugs him until he demands the baseball to be retrieved, though he is still confused to Nobita's eccentric behavior. Nobita finds Doraemon on the ground with the time belt lying nearby and pokes at him with a branch. Rebooting, Doraemon attempts to hug Nobita in excitement and recklessly pursues when Nobita escapes. Denja engages Doraemon with an air cannon blast and warns Nobita to stay out of it. Doraemon charges, whist Denja pulls out a second air cannon and hits him on the chest. He wards off several blasts with his arms and rams, with Denja barely dodging his attacks, only to be grabbed quickly by Doraemon who demands his own body back. Unable to properly recognize Doraemon, Nobita bashes him with a baseball bat, distracting him long enough for Denja to escape and ambush him from behind. After threatening Doraemon to stay away from him lest Nobita's life remains at peril, Denja was forced to retaliate when Doraemon refuses to yield, eventually blasting the latter into the river. Nobita stops him from finishing off Doraemon, knowing his friend is normally capable of mercy, and Denja concedes to maintain his cover.

Back home, Denja starts modifying Doraemon's air cannon. He pulls out the time TV and displays a couple of reports on his crimes, intending to educate Nobita on the threat posed by him, claiming that he simply commits them just for the sake of it, before wishing himself to be scrapped. Surprisingly, Nobita sympathizes with the criminal, hypothesizing his purposes and intents benign, his malevolency only a compelling factor when he only wishes to actually befriend others, rather for deliberate malice. Unable to accept Nobita's statements, Denja angrily objects but ultimately retracts with a warning. Night falls as Denja blows the candles on the cake, while Doraemon solemnly sits on a desolate swing with the marble in his fingers, preparing for his final move. Denja returns to the bunk, though Nobita refrains from revealing the present before turning off the lights. Before he can finish, Denja closes the cupboard and Nobita pulls the cord. He ponders on Doraemon's opinion of the present, whist an obstruction flies over his window. Pulling the curtains and opening it, he was briefly confused until Doraemon snags him.

Discovering Nobita gone, Denja was infuriated. An emergency transmission coms through Doraemon's time TV - Dorami discussed the appearance of Doraemon outside of the balcony as Denja with authorities, and the inspector confirms the mask's identity. He mentions a high possibility of Denja escaping into the past. Denja claims to them Nobita was kidnapped and he will track them down immediately before giving chase on a Take-copter.

Releasing Nobita on the mountains, Doraemon unsheathes the marble found prior, and confirms it is for him. He quickly attaches it to the Doraemon action figure he was making as its nose and explains it was for his best friend, despite its poor quality. Nobita also apologizes for Doraemon's earlier toils under heavy fire from Denja and praises him. Doraemon, moved by the gesture, begins to weep, giving his identity away to Nobita. Before he could fully comprehend, Denja confronts them and unleashes a powerful blast from his extended air cannon, which they swiftly dodge. Ignoring Nobita's pleas to cease, the fight continues. Doraemon avoids several attacks before turning around, temporarily stunning Denja, though he misses his follow-up pummel, and is struck by several additional shots, taking significant structural damage as sparks emerge from him. A fallen tree gives him an idea, and as he taunts Denja with proper adaptation of nature, he throws the plant like a javelin. Denja's air cannon malfunctions, and the tree strips the gadgets from him. Dorami breaks his fall as authorities arrive in their ships.

Still convinced Doraemon was Denja, they attempt to secure his surrender as police tactical units corner him from all sides, though he is too weak to obey the inspector's demands. In spite of the others around, Nobita runs to Doraemon and confirms his identity. Doraemon nods as tears pour out of his eyes. With his ruse busted, Denja becomes curious as to how Nobita could see through Doraemon's mute hide, who claims Doraemon remains himself no matter what. Denja reveals himself, to the surprise of many, and offers the substitution rope to restore each other. He apologizes to Doraemon, adding his envy for having a dedicated friend. Re-possessing the original body, Doraemon embraces Nobita, whist Dorami praises him for resolving the situation. While Doraemon smooches Nobita, the authorities cuff Denja and restore the surroundings to erase their presence as well as temporal paradoxes. Nobita becomes curious on Denja's fate and questions Dorami, who cites a claim from the authorities - Denja will be allowed to interact with humans again if he is rehabilitated. Before they board the police transport with the robot, Nobita calls out to him one last time, complimenting his baseball skills and wishing to meet again. They decide to return home. Though Denja does not turn back like the inspector, the latter observes him weeping.

Returning to his bedroom, Nobita cuts the light after Doraemon closes the cupboard. Doraemon crawls down soon after with a pillow and squeezes into his blanket. Though Nobita complains, Doraemon claims it shouldn't matter as it's his birthday. As they struggle around each other playfully, the camera pans and zooms onto the Doraemon action figure on the desk. Eventually, Nobita relents to Doraemon and wishes him happy birthday, much to his delight, as the episode ends.


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  • Since it's a special Doraemon birthday episode, the song Happy Lucky Birthday To You was never included.
  • Shizuka has the least lines in this episode.
  • As the time belt will always warp the user at the same relative location, this implies the playground's conversion to a landfill in the future.
  • Despite having different eye colors, other characters are unable to identify Doraemon and Denja through this.


So, This is Nobi Nobita. He looks more dumber in person than the photo I saw earlier.

— Denja, When looking at Nobita for the first time