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Doraemon: Green Planet: The Pounding Great Rescue! (ドラえもん 緑の惑星 ドキドキ大救出! Doraemon: Midori no Wakusei Dokidoki Daikyūshutsu!) is an action game, developed by Mobile 21 and published by Epoch, which was released in Japan on 2001.


One night, Doraemon and Nobita chase after a shooting star that fell from the sky into the mountain. They found a glowing green crystal that showed them an image of the girl named Cincia who pleaded them to save her planet from the Jester, Papajo and Popojo. The gang agreed on this mission and used the Emergency Spaceship to head to the girl's planet. However, they're attacked by the Jester, crashed into a meadow area, and lost most of Doraemon's gadgets to them. Together, the gang must recover all the stolen gadgets, find and rescue Cincia and her friends, and defeats the villain.


  • Doraemon uses Air Cannon which can be charged to deal powerful damage on foe.
  • Nobita uses Air Pistol which can fire multiple bullets at once but has lower damage than Doraemon's Air Cannon.
  • Shizuka uses Homing Gun which always hit the enemy with similar damage output as Nobita's Air Pistol.
  • Gian uses Champion Glove to deal massive damage at short range.
  • Suneo uses Scaring Bomb which deals strong damage from medium range.


Simply defeating enemies and collect the stolen gadgets. Any of the main characters are playable.


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