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Doraemon: Nobita's Dinosaur Live on Stage was a live adaption of the first film in the Doraemon series, Doraemon: Nobita's Dinosaur. The live adaption received a home video cut by 3DO REAL Panasonic in 1994. The production is a musical retelling of the original film with several differences.

Important Key Differences[]

  • The film starts with Nobita mining on the cliff for Piisuke rather than at Suneo's house, however that scene is shown via flashback
  • Piisuke's egg is found via rock slide on the cliff where Nobita is digging
  • Nobita's father tries really hard to wrangle the egg from him
  • Nobita's Mother nearly finds Piisuke in Nobita's closet due to Piisuke being very noisy
  • The main villain has several main henchmen
  • The main villain attacks Nobita & Co. while still in the American forrest
  • The main villain tries several times to directly steal Piisuke
  • The main villain only manages to abduct Shizuka
  • Nobita & Co. never leave America, as the Time Patrol show up during a fight, after which they take Nobita & Co. to Japan to drop off Piiisuke.


  • As this is a musical, many exclusive songs are present to this production, along with some recurring classics
  • The finale Doraemon no Uta features all of the characters singing it.
  • Footage from the 1980 film is used during the Time TV sequence.
  • This is the first known Doraemon Live on Stage.