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Doraemon: Nobita and the Birth of Japan (ドラえもん のび太の日本誕生 Doraemon: Nobita no Nihon Tanjō) is the tenth installment of the Doraemon feature films. Its remake was released in 2016.

The unexpected arrival of a caveman boy sends Nobita and the gang back to prehistoric times, where hostile forces have taken the boy's tribe hostage.

Doraemon's Long Tales VOL.9 Noby's Stone Age Japan

Wishing to run away from home but having no place to go, Noby and the gang hop on the time machine and travel back 70,000 years to Stone Age Japan. There, clad in cavemen outfits and armed with spears, they create their very own paradise far away from school, parents, and homework. Back in the real world, they encounter Kukul, a real caveman from Ancient China. Kukul has been carried over from the past due to a hyperspace disturbance. He says that the tribe he belongs to has been attacked by the Dark Clan, led by Giga-Zombie, the powerful king of spirits. Noby and his friends head to Ancient China to save the Luminos Tribe, but Giga-Zombie is not just an ordinary shaman! Packed with excitement, the ninth tale of the Doraemon's Long Tales series!


When a variety of circumstances leave Nobita, Doraemon and the gang wanting to run away from home, they face the task of finding somewhere to live. However, with every seemingly spare piece of land already owned by someone else, building themselves a house looks impossible – that is, until Nobita has the idea of travelling back seventy thousand years into the past. While the group are making themselves at home in an uninhabited Japan, back at home a glitch in space-time has sent a caveboy crashing into the middle of the city. When they return to the present, Doraemon et al encounter the child – named Kukuru – and take him with them back to their prehistoric paradise. Together, the gang decides to return the young boy to his true time and help him free his captured friends, even if it means facing the dangers of Kukuru’s enemies: the dark tribe.


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Theme songs
Doraemon no Uta
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Differences between movie (and it's remake) and manga

  • The original manga features only Tsuchidama, while the movie features multiples one.
  • In the original manga, Nobita was wishing to run away from home while in the movie, he attempted to run away from home for studying education after failure test score.
  • The scene where Gian and Suneo get chased by 2 danger animals, first they're chased by rhino and second then chased by giant crocodile, while the movie,where they're chased by bison and later chased by giant salamander.
  • In original manga, the prehistoric suit that Nobita, Doraemon, Gian, Suneo and Shizuka wears was all browns, but in the movie, the prehistoric suits has giving with different colours, such as Nobita have yellow prehistoric suit, Doraemon have red prehistoric suit, Gian have orange prehistoric suit, Suneo have cyan prehistoric suit and Shizuka have pink prehistoric suit.
  • During dinner time, in this original manga, doraemon's supper treat was simple dorayakis. In this movie, it has replaced into chicken curry rice or fish curry rice. This should probably enough for doraemon to eat sweet rather than dorayaki. Same as lunch time, where the supper treat was hamburger, fries and cola, of which except doraemon who also eating dorayakis during lunch time in manga while in the movie, this time, doraemon was eating hamburger and fries rather than dorayaki.
  • In this original manga, Doraemon's shortly fight is stop when he get electric shocked by Gigazombie. In this movie, Doraemon's shortly fight was giving long until doraemon is get defeated by Gigazombie. When Doraemon throw his prehistoric stick, Gigazombie destroyed it into pieces.
  • In the original manga, Kukuru is the one who drops the rocks and is whipped by a Dark Tribe member, while in the movie Kukuru is hammering the cave walls. Instead, it is Tarane who drops the rocks and is whipped in the movie.
  • Kukuru's adult appearance is shown in the end of the manga, while it is absent in the movie.


  • This movie is first Doraemon's feature film released in Heisei Era


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