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Doraemon: Nobita and the Haunts of Evil (ドラえもん のび太の大魔境 Doraemon: Nobita no Dai Makyō) is the third installment of the Doraemon feature films. It is adapted from the third volume of the Doraemon's Long Tales of the same name. This movie was remade in 2014, titled The New Nobita's Great Demon ~Peko and the Exploration Party of 5~.

With his new pet dog in tow, Nobita and gang embark on an expedition to find a mysterious statue hidden deep inside the Congo Basin.

Doraemon's Long Tales VOL.3 Noby's Uncharted World

Noby wants to go on an expedition to an uncharted world, but even with the help of Doraemon's "Personal Satellite," it seems as though the Earth has already been thoroughly explored. As the search continues, Noby encounters a stray dog and names it Spot. Spot guides Noby to the place he has been looking for: Smoky Forest, a mysterious forest hidden in the jungles of Africa. Accompanied by Spot and their usual crew, Noby and Doraemon embark on their adventure. Shortly after their departure, however, Big G decides that they should leave Doraemon's gadgets in the sandlot because they are too useful and ruin the exploration mood. Can the gang survive in the wilderness without Doraemon's gadgets, and reach their destination? A white-knuckle adventure, the third tale of the Doraemon's Long Tales series!


In search of an exciting adventure, Nobita and his friends came to the Heavy Smokers Forest in central Africa, where there is a mysterious giant statue, with a stray dog, Peko, who happened to pick it up. After surviving numerous crises while there were few secret tools, they arrived at the kingdom of Bauwanko, a dog country that evolved in an environment closed from the outside world. And Peko was the prince of the country, Kuntak.

However, the kingdom was dominated by Minister Dafranda, and an invasion of the outside world with forbidden ancient weapons was about to begin. Doraemon and his friends, who were with Kuntak, were wanted as inquirers (Prince Fake, four monkeys, and one raccoon dog ), and a portrait was posted.

According to Furusu, the guard captain of Kuntak's late father, the royal family has a legend that "when the kingdom is in crisis, 10 foreigners will save the country with the power of a giant statue." Although there are only five foreigners, Nobita and others, they all head to the statue of the giant god to overcome this crisis.

After a fierce battle, Nobita and his friends were able to dismiss Captain Saber, but they were cornered by the main army of Minister Dafranda. However, he won by Shizuka's wit using the pre-emptive promise machine. It saved the kingdom.


Heavy Smokers Forest
Africa Zaire (now located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo of) Congo basin unexplored regions that exist in. As the name means " tobacco- loving forest" in English , the sky is always covered with fog, and it is a modern unexplored region that cannot be taken by satellite photography at all. For the first time, it was confirmed that a mysterious giant statue exists inside Doraemon's secret tool, the perspective function of a small artificial satellite. Nobita didn't know what was on the small artificial satellite at first, and when he asked Dekisugi after using a six-sided camera, it turned out to be an unknown giant statue in an unexplored region.
Bauwanko Kingdom
A kingdom in the depths of the Heavy Smokers Forest. Surrounded on all around in a deep valley, it has been isolated from the outside world by a special terrain, which is wrapped in a constantly dense fog, in which the primate not canine evolve as human beings, has built the kingdom. It has a history of 5,000 years and still has a culture similar to ancient Rome in the human world (although there are some differences, such as large aardvarks being kept as livestock for causative purposes instead of horses ). .. It seems that powerful weapons such as "fire-breathing cars" and "flying ships" ( weapons that are considered to be equivalent to current tanks and bombers ) had already been developed 5,000 years before the kingdom was established, but they are pacifists. The policy of the first King Bauwanko I banned military research altogether (he said there was concern that the endless development of weapons would destroy the world), and instead a giant statue was created as the guardian deity of the kingdom. That is. Now, 5,000 years later, a military government was born in a coup d'etat by the evil minister, Dabrander, with the aim of re-arming and conquering the outside world (human world).
In addition, the residents of this country, including Doraemon, seem to have no knowledge of the outside world (human world) (Peco also said that he did not know the existence of the human world at all until he went out of the country), so he told Doraemon. The soldiers who served called Nobita and the humans " monkeys " and Doraemon " tanuki ". On the other hand, only the indigenous people of the Congo Basin in the outside world have a slight tradition of "the god of Bauwanko".
Also, Bauwanko I somehow foresaw the future 5,000 years from now, reading that 10 foreigners Nobita and his friends would come to help the prince and hiding in the legend a hint to move the giant statue. It was.
Giant statue
A colossus built by the first King Bauwanko I as the guardian deity of the Kingdom of Bauwanko. It is said to imitate the appearance of Bauwanko I. At first glance, it is a huge stone statue, but in reality it has a structure that allows it to enter inside, and machines such as gears are stretched around it, and it is a huge robot that is activated by rotating the heart-shaped heart on the chest. It is a super-weapon that collects the best of ancient weapons that were sealed 5,000 years ago, and showed overwhelming power against "flying ships" and "fire-breathing cars." It is possible to control the giant statue by holding a pendant (which has advanced functions such as being able to project a moving image of the giant statue as a hologram) that is transmitted to the royal family in the room behind the eyes.


Gadgets Used


Voice Actor Role(s)
Nobuyo Ōyama Doraemon
Noriko Ohara Nobita Nobi
Michiko Nomura Shizuka Minamoto
Kaneta Kimotsuki Takeshi Gouda
Kazuya Tatekabe Suneo Honekawa
Mari Shimizu Kuntakku
Kazuko Sugiyama Chippo
Masahiko Murase Brus
Youko Kuri Spiana
Junpei Takiguchi Daburanda
Ichirō Nagai Professer Kos
Hidekatsu Shibata Saber
Miyoko Asō Female servant
Yasuo Tanaka Village headman
Issei Futamata Soldier


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Theme songs
Doraemon no Uta
Dakara Minna De


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