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Doraemon: Nobita and the Knights on Dinosaurs (ドラえもん のび太と竜の騎士 Doraemon: Nobita to Ryū no Kishi) is the eighth installment of the Doraemon feature films.

A giant underground cave inspires Nobita to build a hideout, leading to the disappearance of Suneo and the discovery of a world overrun by dinosaurs.

Doraemon's Long Tales VOL.8 Noby and the Dino Knights

Noby and his friends decide to build a secret hideout in an underground cave. In the depths of the cave, Sneech comes across a shocking sight. Unable to believe his eyes, he returns the next day with a video camera in hand, only to lose his way after a surprise encounter with the RC plane he lost in the river. The rest of the gang return home, not knowing that Sneech is still in the cave. When they realize what they have done, it's too late: the "Anywhere Hole" is broken, and Sneech is trapped! Using Sneech's video camera as a clue, Noby and his friends discover a hole at the bottom of the river that leads to their secret cave. As they search for Sneech, they are led to a huge subterranean world where dinosaurs roam. Can Noby and the gang find their friend? The sensational eighth tale of the Doraemon's Long Tales series!


Nobita claims to the gang that dinosaurs exist in the present time and they all start laughing at him. Nobita is enraged and wants to prove the existence of dinosaurs. Doraemon provides a demo of the gadget by asking if "Nobita scored 0 in todays test", to which it replies "Yes". He then uses the Yes-No Fortune Teller to prove that dinosaurs do not exist in the present age, and they did only in the cretaceous period. Doraemon's demo reminds Nobita of his test papers, which he had not hidden yet. After a close call to getting busted by Tamako, he asks Doraemon for a good place to store his test papers.

Meanwhile, Suneo's remote-controlled airplane, being used by Gian, goes out of control and falls into a river. Gian hands over the remote to Suneo and flees. As Suneo approaches the location where it sank, a large creature emerges from the water and Suneo starts running back. He trips over and on looking back, the creature vanishes. Nobita and Doraemon reach the Mountain. Doraemons uses Holewhere to find an underground tunnel, where he stores his test papers. At night, Suneo receives counselling from Dekisugi, after which he thinks he was hallucinating. Just then, he spots the same creature in his backyard. He calls out for help but by the time his Mom arrives, the creature is gone.

Nobita invites Shizuka to their "underground address", while Gian and Suneo accompany. Suneo chooses to "stay away from humanity in a quiet, quiet place" and walks away from the rest of the group, only to come out of an exit and spotting a herd of dinosaurs passing by. Suneo runs back and brings the group to that location, but there was nothing they could see except a lake. Nobita says that he has already surrendered in the game and it does not have to be continued. The next day when they return to this place, Suneo brings a video camera with him. He goes to the same location and finds his RC plane flying around. He records a short video before hearing footsteps.

He climbs down a rock formation while a dinosaur-like creature comes out, on the back of another dinosaur. Suneo fails to grab the rock and falls into the lake. Tamako and Gian's Mom find out that they used excuses to reach the hole, and the group has to go back early. Thinking Suneo already went back, they leave the hole in the Open Lot. Nobita is disallowed from leaving his room so he persuades Doraemon to bring the hole to his room itself. As Doraemon approaches the Open Lot, two children playing nearby pick it up and start playing around with it. By the time Doraemon reaches the Lot, it is too late as it gets destroyed after a truck runs over it. Doraemon has to inform everyone about the mishap, making them all upset. When he reaches Suneo's house, his Mom thanks Doraemon for "taking care of him for three days".

Doraemon rushes to inform everyone that Suneo has not reached home, as they search for Suneo. They reach the location where Suneo disappeared, where they find his video camera. On reviewing the footage, Suneo's RC plane is shown indicating that their hole is somewhere under the river as it was the place the airplane sank. The group arrives at the river and find the hole leading to a deep underground chamber. On following the only path, they arrive at a massive forest. Their bamboo-copters stop working after some time so Doraemon uses his Mini Exploration Group to spot any anomaly around. After they are caught by a native Kappa tribe, Banhou, a knight saves them and takes them to his country's capital, Enriru in a huge ship capable of moving through rock. Through the journey, they are almost boiled alive after passing through a volcano under Hawaii.

On reaching their capital, they reunite with Suneo. Banhou tells his sister Ro to take care of them, while forbidding them from entering a fenced brick building in the hills. Ro takes them to a History Museum where the group learns about their God. According to folklore, after their ancestors went extinct due to unknown reasons, a group of extremely intelligent dinosaurs escaped into a safe-haven depicted as a square on the map, which Ro claims as their holy site. After exiting the Museum, the group goes for a picnic by a pond. They suddenly here explosions from a distance and on approaching, it turns out to be an army training where Banhou and his army is training. After that, they visit a ranch where they hire a few dinosaurs to race. Nobita fails to control his dinosaur and it drops him outside the fencing of the bricked building he was forbidden to visit. Two guards drive away the dinosaur and Nobita hides from them by entering the building. What he sees before him is a giant machine where scientists are working.

The Emperor of the nation arrives on the platform where Nobita is standing, and he has to climb down a scaffolding. After having heard the Emperor's entire plan of attacking humanity using the time machine they are building, to avenge the extinction of their ancestors which the blame on the extraterrestrial life. Nobita pretends to be lost in the woods and keeps quiet until they are left alone by Banhou and Rou. He reveals their true intentions to the group and they decide to immediately flee from the city. At night, they escape Banhou's home and leave for their hideout. They accidentally enter the Kappa tribe's village upon being chased by a velociraptor. They are captured once again and this time hung for their ritual where they would be sacrificed. Banhou and his army arrives just in time to save them.

The group is captured by Banhou, who tells them that they have broken his trust in them and they will be punished for this. The ship is revealed to be a giant Time Machine. They are first teleported to a forest in Western Canada, then the ship travels back in time to the cretaceous period where the army plans to invade the early humans and dominate the Earth. The group waits for the night to escape, and then uses Pass-Through Hook to do so. The army follows them but fails to find them. Doraemon builds an indestructible castle nearby. When the army fails to destroy it, soldiers start climbing its walls. Shizuka notices an asteroid getting closer and closer to the Earth. Banhou's army thinks it is an alien invasion, but Nobita and his friends already know the truth. The asteroid collides with earth in the ocean, nearby where the army camp is. The shockwave from the collision half-burns everyone witnessing the incident.

A large tsunami wave could be seen in the distance so Banhou's army uses their time machine to return to the present time to survive the wave. Doraemon uses his gadget to blast a room under the ground in which they survive the tsunami. Suneo realizes the square area of the room is their "holy site". After the wave dissipates, Banhou's army returns to the ocean beach, where Doraemon and his team is surrendering to Banhou. He tells the Emperor what the future of the Earth would be, and the council tearfully accepts their fate as dinosaurs. Doraemon appeals to help them out by building a safe-haven for all the dinosaurs around, collecting them and sending them into the underground world he builds. On realizing it was actually Doraemon who saved the dinosaur species from complete extinction, the government entitles them as representatives of God and delivers them safe to their city.


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