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Doraemon: Nobita to Mittsu no Seireiseki is a game developed and published by Epoch for the Nintendo 64 in 1997. It is the first of the three Doraemon Nintendo 64 games and was only released in Japan. 


Long ago, a demon/devil was kept away for many years by the Three Fairy Spirit Stones. The stones had sealed the demon, however, one day he found a way to escape and caused havoc in the Fairy World. The Princess of the Sky was told by her father to go to the Human World and get back Doraemon's Four Dimensional Pocket. Doraemon and Nobita's friends decide to follow the princess and try to get Doraemon's pocket back. Later the Princess tells the gang that she was changed forms by the demon and had Doraemon's pocket. However, Doraemon's gadgets were lost and were in different places such as Fairy World, Earth, Sea, and Sky.


The areas of the games have four levels and all three of them have parts of the Fairy Stone. The four levels can be played in different ways such as using the Bamboo Copter, underwater car racing, or ride in a kangaroo and each character has their own unique ability.


The game was recieved relatively poorly. Gamespot critic Joe Fielder called the game "Super Mario put through a strainer until there's nearly no entertainment value left.", giving it a 3.1/10.


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