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Before any English dubs of the Doraemon 2005 anime were made, Canadian company Cinar produced a dub of the Doraemon 1979 anime called The Adventures of Albert and Sidney for Superstation WTBS (now TBS) in the mid-80s. Although the dub never aired in the United States, the series ended up airing in the 1980s and/or 1990s on Saturday mornings on CBC TV 8 in Barbados.

All text in the anime itself (for example, signs on stores) was kept in Japanese.

In 2020 the composer for this adaptation, Jérôme Langlois, revealed and digitized a VHS copy he held of an excerpt from the dub; and uploaded a Google Drive of the video, which was later uploaded to YouTube.

The show has likely aired in Canada as well according to Langlois, when in the '90s, he saw several fire hydrants that were painted into the characters of Doraemon and Nobita while he was in New Carlisle, a town in Quebec, Canada. It is currently unconfirmed if the show ever had a Canadian airing.

Intro lyrics[]

Look a propeller, on top of your hat!
Albert and Sidney, a boy and his cat.
Albert has magic, Sidney has fun.
Look at them soaring,
they'll go exploring,
and you'll be seeing Albert and Sidney, again!



The Adventures of Albert & Sydney excerpts (Doraemon CINAR dub; REAL) by Jérôme Langlois