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Doraemon 3D Short Movie (ドラえもん3Dショートムービー) is a collection of Doraemon short movies that were viewable for free on the Doraemon website.


Prologue (ドラえもん3Dショートムービー プロローグ)[]

This short film shows Doraemon walking, then stopping, pulling the Take-copter out of his pocket, putting it on his head, and flying away.

Dorayaki factory (ドラえもん3Dショートムービー どら焼き工場)[]

Doraemon is watching conveyor belts transport dorayaki. When he tries to take one, an alarm activates, triggering a mechanical claw to pick up and drop Doraemon into a vat of dough. After being baked in the oven, Doraemon falls into a pipe and ends up being made into a dorayaki himself.

Oshizukani (ドラえもん3Dショートムービー お静かに)[]

Doraemon tries to sneak past a sleeping cat to get some dorayaki. As he opens the cupboard, loads of items fall out, though he is able to successfully balance them until a cat food can falls on his head, causing him to fall and wake the cat up.

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