Doraemon 3D Short Movie (ドラえもん3Dショートムービー) is a collection of Doraemon short movies that are viewable for free (currently cannot be viewed online) on the Doraemon website.


Prologue (ドラえもん3Dショートムービー プロローグ)

This short film shows Doraemon walking and stops and picks up the Take-copter to fly.

Dorayaki factory (ドラえもん3Dショートムービー どら焼き工場)

Doraemon was in the Dorayaki Factory and takes the Dorayaki silently. The alarm activated and takes Doraemon by the machine. The machine drops Doraemon to the dough liquid and extracts him to the conveyor belt and the oven bakes him. Doraemon falls down and ends up to the dough and squashed by the top layer of the Dorayaki.

Oshizukani (ドラえもん3Dショートムービー お静かに)

Doraemon was creeping silently to take the Dorayaki without being annoyed by the cat. He takes the ladder and climbs to the cupboard to take the Dorayaki and the items fall and Doraemon holds on with two hands and a leg. Suddenly, the cat food can drops and Doraemon falls. The cat scratches him.

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