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Episode depicted in this article is from 1973 anime.
Doraemon Came Out!
025 1
Deta!! Doraemon
General Information
Broadcast by Nippon Television
Anime series 1973
Broadcast date April 1, 1973
Season 1
Episode number 1A
Doraemon2 Kurupa Radio Waves
Opening Doraemon (1973 Song)
Ending Doraemon Rumba
Written by Haruya Yamazaki
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Doraemon Came Out! (出た!!ドラえもん Deta!! Doraemon) is the first segment of the first episode of the 1973 anime and the first episode of the Doraemon franchise overall.


Nobita Nobi is a screwed up fourth grader, no matter what he does. He is late for school today because he overslept. His homeroom teacher, Ganari, scolds him and makes him stand in the hallway.

Nobita can't solve simple problems that everyone else can solve in class, and everyone laughs at him for failing in P.E. class. He was blamed by Gian for making an error on the baseball field.

"I don't want to go to school anymore!" - Nobita is blocked in when struggling with homework. Just then, the desk drawer suddenly opens and pushes Nobita. What comes out is a strange blue round object. Thinking it's a ghost, Nobita is terrified and shivers. The strange object is followed by a futurist who looks exactly like Nobita.

The futurist introduces himself as Sewashi and explains that he is Nobita's descendant, his grandson's grandson. (with a diagrammed genealogy). And the blue object he brings is a cat-shaped robot, Doraemon. They pointed out exactly what Nobita had done in his day. It's not very good, but it was brought to the present day to help Nobita.

Nobita introduces Doraemon to his parents, but both his mom and dad think he is a ghost! And all hell breaks loose. Doraemon shoots Mom and Dad with a ray gun to quiet their panicked attitudes. Mom and Dad suddenly became quiet and slumped over.

"I'll make sure that you won't be made fun of when you go to school, Nobita." - Doraemon confidently tells Nobita.

The next day, for some reason, the school has changed dramatically. The teacher can't solve the problem of "1+1 =" by any means. Everyone in the class says, "It's too hard!" and Suneo exclaims "That's probably a college student's problem". They had no idea what to do.

Nobita said, "The answer is two, right?" and When he solved it, everyone said in unison, "Wow! Genius! Cool!" and a storm of praise. Even in P.E., everyone was unusually slow, and Nobita came out on top! Nobita, who has become the superhero of his school, is elated.

When he gets home, he finds out the secret. Last night, Doraemon releases his "Kurupa Rays Gun" at his parents and his friends. It was a special ray gun that completely weakened bodies and heads, and Doraemon used it to shoot at people all over the town. "It feels good to be on top of everyone, so let's keep it for a while" - Nobita said to Doraemon.

But Dad is not going to work, and Mom is not able to cook a meal, she is playing house game. Nobita can't stand it any longer and gets angry with Doraemon. "Get it back to where it was!".

So, what will happen to the strange and unusual Doraemon's activities from now on?


Gadgets used[]




  • Script - Haruya Yamazaki
  • Storyboard - Sōji Yoshikawa
  • Chief Producer - Hiroshi Shimozaki (Masami Jun)



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  • To date, this episode has not been found in any storage. The pilot film, released in January 1973, was found in Masami Jun's storage. It was confirmed by him that said pilot film was used in the episode.
  • As far as the story is concerned, it is a combination of two stories: Kurupa Radio Waves and All the Way From a Future World. There are some changes from the original manga chapters:
    • The most noticeable being that the owner of the Kurupa Rays Gun is Doraemon and not Gatchako, who would appear much later in the series. The gadget has a different design to that of the manga chapter.
    • The reason Doraemon came in this adaptation is to help Nobita with his unlucky life instead of fixing the terrible fate of marrying Jaiko, who doesn't appear at all in this version. It is revealed later by Gatchako that he came from the future because he was an inferior student at the robot academy. All of this contradicts the original story.
  • It is the only time where Doraemon's arrival is the first episode of an adaptation.
  • In this version, the Restoring Beam is first gadget to be used.
  • The lower part of the Heritonbo (Take-copter's name in this anime and early manga works) is bigger and its upper part is more slimmer than later versions.
  • Sewashi wears glasses in this version but he does not in the later versions.