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2005 anime series
To Miss Yumeko Nijitani
Doraemon Is An Exam Student Now!?

593a Title

Doraemon 593

Doraemon ga jukensei
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date March 7, 2020
Season 16
Episode number 593a
Overall episode number 1053
Adapted manga chapter
Theme Songs

Doraemon Is An Exam Student Now!? (Japanese: ドラえもんが受験生(じゅけんせい)!? Doraemon ga Jukensei!?) is an episode of the 2005 anime series. It first aired in TV Asahi on March 7, 2020.

Plot Summary

Doraemon gets low scores in the Robot Academy examinations and have to retake them tomorrow. The robot from the future takes away Doraemon's 4D Pocket and gives him ten gadgets to Doraemon for him to solve many problems with the correct gadgets.


Gadgets used

List of the exams

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Doraemon gets triangle score in every exams because he causing troubles. Thus, he gets poor score on that exam and have to return to Robot Academy temporarily. But due to a mistake (see Trivia), Doraemon are allowed to take all of his gadgets back and return from future.





Teaser for "Doraemon Is An Exam Student Now" and "To Miss Yumeko Nijitani"


  • Two scenes from the short film 2112: The Birth of Doraemon, featuring Principal Teraodai's speech and the computing examination, are replicated in this episode.
  • The running gag is: at the end of the episode, Robot Academy needs tanooki robots to return to school and it's not cat robot, so Doraemon can return from future with all of the gadgets returned.

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2005 anime series
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