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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Recoloring the World
2005 anime series
Doraemon's Blue Tears
Doraemon Takes a Day Off!!
Doraemon ni kyūjitsu o!!
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date August 29, 2008
Season 4
Episode number 140b
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[[Doraemon Takes a Day Off

Doraemon Takes a Day Off!! is an episode from the 2005 series. This is the third anime adaptation of the manga chapter Doraemon Takes a Day Off, which was last adapted for two times in 1985 and 2005, and serves as a prelude to the TV special Doraemon's Blue Tears.


Doraemon gives Nobita a Doraemon emergency button and goes on a vacation back on the 22nd century where he meets a florist, Belle for the first time. Nobita gets into trouble a few times but restrains himself from pressing the button. Each of those times the problem was solved. When he is bullied by two boys, he stomps on the button and destroys it. Awaiting his inevitable fate of getting beaten up, Suneo and Gian arrive just in time to chase the two bullies away and save Nobita. When Nobita returns home, he sees Doraemon who returned with a rose he got from Belle. Meanwhile, back in the 22nd century, it is revealed that Belle quickly changes from her normal clothing to a thief outfit, including a mask, and rushes out into the night.


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