Goodbye to You
2005 anime series
Doraemon VS Dracula (Part 2)
Doraemon VS Dracula (Part 1)

125 Title


Doraemon vs dorakyura (zenpen)
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date May 9, 2008
Season 4
Episode number 125
Adapted manga chapter
Theme Songs

Doraemon VS Dracula (Part 1) is the first part of a two-part episode in the 2005 series.


After Doraemon and Dorami fall out over Doraemon stealing her melon bread, she returns to the future. She finds out that all the robots in the future world have been infected with a virus from a Dracula robot a scientist created and all humans have been placed in captivity. However, it is too late and Sewashi is unable to do anything - she herself has been infected by Dracula, too. Serving as Dracula's minion, Dorami is sent back to the present to bring Doraemon - who is the last normal robot in the world - to him. With Dorami hot on Doraemon's heels, he and the rest of the gang must travel to the future to rescue her from Dracula's curse and bring everyone's memories back.


Gadgets used


  • This is the second of the three two-part episodes of the 2005 series in 2008, alongside Nobita: Gunfighter of the Cosmos and Gian is in Love.


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