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Doraemon Wii: Secret Tool King Tournament, known in Japan as ドラえもん Wii ひみつ道具王決定戦 (Doraemon Wii: Himitsu Douguou Ketteisen) is a Doraemon video game released in Japan on December 6, 2007, for the Nintendo Wii game console. It was developed by 8ing, and published and distributed by Sega.


The game is similar in its gameplay to Mario Party games. There is a board mode where players move around a board by rolling dice with special spaces that have different effects and mini-game mode where you can play minigames freely. After a while, the Sugoroido appears. He will roll his own dice to move backwards around the board. Landing on his space or having him land on yours provokes his ire, at which point he attacks. The Sugoroido will perform something adverse to you, such as reversing your progress or taking away your items.

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  • District Area: A basic board with not too many hazards.
  • Cloud Kingdom: Try to cut your foes off by deactivating the rainbow bridges in this sky-high place.
  • Space Station
  • Prehistoric Island: This board is a throwback to prehistoric times. Do not land on the waterlogged spaces. For a chance to really trip your foe up, try hitting that event space on the path that passes the volcano.
  • Nobita's Room: Shrink down and explore Nobita Nobi's dwellings. Try sending a toy car into your opponent on the lower areas, and try to get on that lucky route on your way down!
  • Town

Board Spaces

  • Shop Space - This space sells gadgets and all gadgets costs points. Unlocked gadgets only.
  • Item Space - Receive an item.
  • Multiplayer Mini Game Space - All players enter a random unlocked mini-game.
  • Bueno Space (+ "number") - receives mini stars if stepped
  • Nappeuda Space (- "number") - loses mini stars if stepped
  • Fortuna Space (Happy face) - Lucky event
  • Bi-un Space (Sad face) - Unlucky event
  • Flag Space - Starting/Finishing space
  • Event Spaces - Triggers board-specific objects

Playable characters

Each character have their own special event they can use.

  • Doraemon: Gets two random gadgets from the 4D Pocket. During this animation, he shuffles through his pocket.
  • Nobita Nobi: Makes the other players walk only one space. This lasts for four times. During this animation, he sleeps just like he does on his bed.
  • Shizuka Minamoto: Forces one player to not use gadgets. Her animation involves playing the violin, referencing how she likes to play the violin, but for some reason cannot play well.
  • Suneo Honekawa: Automatically gains some stars.
  • Takeshi Gouda: Beats up other players, making them lose stars and steals the gadgets from them. This is a callback to how he stole things from his victims.
  • Dorami

NPC Characters

  • The Sensei appears on the first board in the game, the District Area. If you land on a Bi-un Space that sits near the school, there is a chance that he gets angry and when he does, your character is hit by a penalty that messes with their progress.
  • Tamako Nobi appears on the first board. Landing on the Bi-un space that passes by the house may trigger an event where Tamako blows her top, and when she does, you will suffer results that will hinder with your progress.
  • Jaiko Gouda
  • Dinosaurs
  • The Sugoroido is the main antagonist of the game. He serves as this game's parallel to the Mario Party series's Bowser.


Free for all

  • Ma Ma Bou (Ma Ma Bou): There is Sensei and players have to take turns stifling his anger with the Tranquillizer Stick. Setting off his anger causes elimination. This is similar to Balloon Busters from Mario Party 7, Short Fuse from Mario Party DS, and Don't Wake Wiggler from Super Mario Party.
  • Take-copter Hopter (Take-copter): Players use the Take-copter to fly through rings in order to score points. This is similar to the minigames Target Tag from Mario Party 7 and Surfs Way Up from Mario Party 8.
  • Copy Toast Contest (Copying Toast): Find the correct item to score points.
  • Fukugen Frenzy (Fukugen Light): Heal the cracks off the vases to score points.
  • Michibikienzel (Guidance Angel): Pick the right path to get to the goal. Do not go before the angel stops talking, or he'll get mad and slap your face!
  • Call of the Come-Come Cat (Come Come Cat): This minigame plays similarly to Mario Party DS's Call of the Goomba. Players have to shake their Wii Remote to call the Mini-Doras to their shop and earn points.
  • Time Trousle (Time Machine): Players have to race to the goal while avoiding viruses. Crashing into the batteries gives a speed boost. This is similar to the game Fuzzy Flight School from Super Mario Party, except the viruses cause their victim to slow down, rather than inflicting damage.
  • Zany Zeikin (Tax Bird): Players have to collect special Yen coins while avoiding the bird.
  • Stun Gun Showdown (Shock Gun): A reaction game where players have to draw their guns as quickly as possible. The winner is the one who draws the quickest. This is similar to Shy Guy Showdown from Mario Party 5, albeit with only one legitimate button, and pressing the button too early has no penalty other than restarting the round, unless the player does it three times in a row, at which point they automatically lose. Another similar minigame would be the minigame King of the Thrill from Mario Party 8 (though free-for-all), and a third would be O.K. Corral from Rayman Raving Rabbids 2, except the players shoot each other, not someone else. Notably, the characters use Cowboy getup that resembles Mario's Mario Party 2 Western Land outfit, albeit their own colour whereas Mario spikes his with red.
  • Kite Shooting (Air Pistol): Players must use the Titular Gadget to shoot down kites and rack points.
  • Fishing Frenzy (Fishing Pond for Things You Dropped): Players must use the fishing rod to catch fish from the Fishing Pond for Things You Dropped. The bigger their fish is, the more points the catchers earn. The sharks cost their catchers points, so watch your lines!
  • Dino-hunt (Time Hole): Players have to use the dinosaur's shadow to identify it, thrusting forward with good timing to get the answer. Getting the correct dinosaur scores points.
  • The Human Controller: This plays similarly to the minigame Time To Shine from Super Mario Party and Rabbid Do-What-I-Do from Rabbids Go Home. Players have to copy the Mini-Doras to score points.
  • Trampoline Gen: This plays similarly to Buddy Bounce from Mario Party 9. Players have to jump around and grab balloons.
  • Gorugon Snake (Head of the Gorgon): Capture the Gorgon Heads to get points. If you get shot, you will lose points.
  • Dokusai Dilemma (Dictator Switch): A reaction minigame where players have to press A quick enough to avoid the Dictator Switch, which eliminates the slowest player each round. The winner is the one who survives.
  • Bai-bain: Eat the most yummy-buns to win. Do not eat too fast, or you could get a stomachache.
  • Hanetsu Robot (Hanetsu Robot): This plays similarly to Dinger Derby from Mario Party 5 and Swing Kings from Mario Party 8. Hit the balls back for points. There can be an event where the whole gang celebrates, with nobody sulking, but for that to happen, the players must all score points.
  • Torinuke Fūpu (Pass Loop): Throw the Pass Loop towards the barriers to phase through them on your way to the goal as the Sugoroido makes his way closer to you.
  • Jigen Baka Dan (Timed Stupidity Bombs): Players have to toss the Timed Stupidity Bombs around to avoid damage.


  • Super Glove Showdown (Super Gloves): One player outruns the rivals who use the Super Gloves to throw stones. If he gets away, the soloist wins. This is similar to Spray It, Don't Say It from Mario Party 7, except the soloist is on a rectangular platform, and his foes attack him from only one side and cannot move, and their projectiles hit random areas.
  • Hide and Siege (Incredible Fort): One player owns the fort and tries to stop his rivals from approaching him. If his fort holds off their assault, the soloist wins.
  • Shrink Ray Skirmish (Small Light): The soloist is giant and he has to stomp his rivals, who try to shrink him with the Shrink Ray.


  • Bomb Versus Cannon (Air Cannon): Players must use the titular Gadget to shoot down lava bombs.
  • Rikujou Run (Rikujou Boat): Players must row to the goal to win. The Mario Party 8 minigame Rowed to Victory has similar gameplay. It is possible for there not to be a loser if both players arrive at the same time.
  • Double Vision (Air Crayon): Players must draw the correct shape to earn points. This is similar to Double Vision from Mario Party DS. If both teams get the same total score, the minigame will end with both sides celebrating.

There is a large amount of minigames; these are some of them.