Doraemon Wiki

Doraemon Wiki gives the right to every Registered User (those who have a wiki account) to request for getting special user rights. The rights are granted by the active members of the admin team. To know about the special user rights, we would ask you refer this page.

What rights can be granted here?

The admin team have the right to grant you the the rights of Discussions Moderator, Rollback, Content Moderator, Administrator and Bureaucrat. They can also grant the rights of Chat Moderator on Discord server. Every right needs some requirements which you need to fulfill. Even if you don't fulfill the requirements, you may request us for the rights below, we may give you the rights if you are nearby to the requirements based on how trustworthy you are.

Requirement for getting the rights

User Right Requirements Permissions
Discord Chat Moderator • 7 months of our Discord Server experience
• active constantly and participation in discussions with others
• friendly in conversation
• conscious with the rules of our Discord Server
• Kick and ban members
Discussions Moderator • 1 month of wiki experience
• 80 discussions posts and replies
• friendly in conversation
• strict towards community guidelines
• Delete article comments, blog comments, messages on wall
• Moderate discussions
Content Moderator • 4 months of wiki experience
• 400 quality edits
• wisely dealing with vandals and spammers
• Delete and protect pages
Rollback • 2 months of wiki experience
• 150 quality edits
• Rollback edits
Admin • 1 year 8 months of wiki experience
• 1500 quality edits
• good in conversation with other members
• wisely dealing with trolls and vandals
• Block users
• All the actions which can be performed by all the moderators, rollback
• Change theme and customize other features of the wiki.
• Promote Dicussions Mod and Chat Mod
Bureaucrat • We prefer to have only one bureaucrat • Promote users to admins, content mods and rollbacks
• All the actions which can be done by admin

All these also require constant activeness on the wiki (except Discord Chat Mods) and the server.

There are some more permissions which users get when get they the rights. We would ask you to read this page for more info.

What is your username?

What user right you want to get?

Do you fulfill the requirements we have set?

Any other information?

Discussion Moderator rights request.

What is your username? Username : XIamKingBG

What user right you want to get? I would get love to get Discussion Moderator rights.

Do you fulfill the requirements we have set? Yes!

Any other information? I currently cannot join the discord server for some reason, but still I would love to help the wiki by preventing spams!

Admins responses Welp, I personally have lots of faith in you since, you've been active on the Discussions and have reported useless posts and comments in the past. It would be great to see you a Discussions Mod. But I'm sorry to say, you need to be on our Discord server to get the rights. It is because it helps the community staffs get connected and take important decisions. You'll have the right on the day you join us there. DazzTheChallenger (talk) 11:44, 10 December 2021 (UTC)