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Doraemon Yuujou Densetsu (友情伝説ザ・ドラえもんズ, lit. The Doraemons: Legendary Friendship) is an adventure game released for the 3DO in 1995. It is notable for being the only Doraemon game based on Doraemons spinoff series.


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At the start of the game, it explained the birth of Doraemon, his life on Robot School, and how he meets The Doraemons.

At the present year, Nobita and Doraemon are sitting in their bedroom, introduce the Friend Card, and get called by Dorami to head to future to check what's going on.

In the bad future, Doraemon and Nobita meets the old couples, and heads to the building, in which the professor talks to the Doraemon and Nobita and gives the gadgets to them which help them in their jounrey. Then the professor shows them the time machine.

After the battle and recruited Dora the Kid in west, Wang Dora in China, Dora Med III in the Arab world and the rest of The Doraemons, they head to the sky fortress, in which the Evil Robot Cat King lives.

After entered the fortress, the henchmens of Evil Robot Cat King blocks Doraemon and Nobita to prevent them progress functiontally, but The Doraemons take care of them to let the two pass. After the two meets the Evil Robot Cat King, the two have to battle the Evil King, but Doraemon gets killed during battle. Evil Robot Cat King then explains his backstory and how he became the evil king, and Nobita uses all of the powers of The Doraemons to defeat the king. After that, the angel shows up again and revives all of The Doraemons, and they shows the Friend Card and give the new card to Nobita.


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  • This is one of the only Doraemon games to be developed and published by Shogakukan, the original publishers of the Doraemon manga series.
  • Dora-nichov, El Matadora and Dora-rinho is the only one of The Doraemons members to don't battle you.