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Doraemon in Bangladesh refers to the Bengali dub of the 1979 anime of Doraemon, which ran from 2014 to 2017.


Although the anime has been successful in Bangladesh, the manga is yet to be released there.


Before February 2013, Disney Channel India was broadcast in Bangladesh. In February 2013, the government of Bangladesh banned the channel because the children were being too exposed to Hindi instead of their mother tongue Bengali. After the ban, though, the kids in Bangladesh were unhappy because they could not see their favourite TV show, so Bangladesh decided to bring their own dubbed version and broadcast it. Ddhoni Chitra Ltd. Company produced a Bengali dub and the 1979 anime of Doraemon has been airing on the Bengali cable channel Asian TV since 1st April 2014. Doraemon is referred as Dorēmon in Bangladesh, similar to the Thai and Hindi dub. After 2016 only reruns were aired. Currently, the dub has stopped airing entirely.

The Hindi dub was actually not banned completely as eventually Hungama TV started to spread in Bangladesh, while Disney Channel Asia was given instead for other international English programming. However since January 2018, Hungama TV stopped airing Doraemon since 2016 where politicians and conservative activists in both India/France and Pakistan campaigned to ban the show from television because they claimed it "corrupts children", meaning there is currently no way to watch the Hindi dubbed version of Doraemon in Bangladesh.


The opening song Doraemon no Uta has been dubbed in Bengali and is used as the opening song. Although most of the opening intro remains the same, the ending scene of the song which shows the five main characters walking in a single file, has been entirely replaced by simply the Bengali logo of Doraemon; however, as of early 2016, this edit was reverted back to the original and the rest of the song's video remains the same.

No ending song was completely dubbed, instead a small part of Bokutachi Chikyuujin's video is shown with the text "Bangla adaptation by Ddhoni Chitra Ltd.". The Hindi dubbed version of Boku Doraemon can be heard in the background.

Voice cast

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Character name changes

Only a few characters' names have been changed:

  • Doraemon - Dorēmon
  • Dorami - Dorēmi
  • Suneo - Suniyo
  • Nobirou - Manik
  • Unnamed boy in an episode - Khoka