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Doraemon in Brazil refers to the Brazilian Portuguese dub of the Doraemon series in Brazil.


The manga has never been released in Brazil.


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In Brazil, this series is under the name, Doraemon, O Super-Gato the Portuguese title for broadcasting by Rede Manchete children's program, Clube da Criança (the 2005 series was aired under the title Doraemon, O Gato do Futuro for reasons unknown.)

The Brazilian Portuguese dub of the 1979 series was made by WTC Commumications and aired in 1992 and is currently considered lost media.

At first, WTC Communications first dubbed the early episodes of the 1979 anime series in Brazilian Portuguese with some of the voice actors from the Brazilian show "Turma Da Monica", but the dub was unsuccessful during its initial run.

Sato Company then dubbed the anime series in 2010s. The 2005 anime series was aired on in 2019, with the script based off the original Japanese dub but with characters names from USA English dub. It was available on Netflix in Brazil at some point during its run.

Voice Casts

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  • Despite never any countries to based off the USA English dub (due to the dubs were based off the original Japanese dub first), the Brazilian Portuguese dub of the 2005 anime series based off the original Japanese dub with the names from USA English dub, marking the first dub to be partially based off the USA English dub.
  • The YouTube channel Doraemon Brasil uploaded 12 Brazilian Portuguese dubbed 2005 anime episodes in several parts before it was removed. The reason for their removal is most likely due to copyright issues from TV Asahi.
    • Despite this, A Brazilian Portuguese dubbed episode of The Animal Transformation Cracker was uploaded on YouTube still can be viewed.
  • Gian was voiced by Tatá Guarnieri in the 1979 anime, and by his son Caio Guarnieri in the 2005 anime.


Doraemon O Super Gato Abertura com letra Português

Doraemon O Super Gato Abertura com letra Português

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