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Doraemon in Cambodia and Laos refers to the Khmer and Lao adaption of the Doraemon series in Cambodia and Laos.


Although the anime hasn't been successful in Cambodia and Laos, the Khmer translation of the first 20 volumes of the manga was released in Cambodia by Krorma Comics. It was based off the Japanese version. The 10 bilingual Khmer-English manga volumes were also published in Cambodia by Krorma Comics.


The anime is licensed and aired in Cambodia and Laos on mid 2010s:


The Khmer dub of the anime is aired in TV3 Asia on 2014. Doraemon is known as ដូរ៉ាអិម៉ុន (daureaemon) in Cambodia. It was considered lost (almostly, if strange) along with Lao dub. Some characters is sounded strange in the Khmer dub.


The Lao dub of the anime is aired on mid 2010s. Doraemon is known as ໂດລາເອມອນ (odlaemon) in Laos. It was considered lost along with Khmer dub.


Stand by Me Doraemon released on Cambodia and Laos theaters on mid-2010s.


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Doraemon-ដូរ៉េមុន​-វគ្គ ឧបករណ៍លេងធ្វើទេវតា-0

Doraemon-ដូរ៉េមុន​-វគ្គ ឧបករណ៍លេងធ្វើទេវតា-0

DORAEMON trailer 10sec

DORAEMON trailer 10sec

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