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Doraemon in Indonesia refers to the Indonesian adaptation of the Doraemon series in Indonesia. Doraemon is the one of the longest-running anime which still continues to air and broadcast on RCTI since the first broadcast in 13 November 1988, and since 12 October 2023 aired on GTV, RCTI's sister channel. Also, Doraemon has been running in Indonesia for 34 years, as Doraemon is the most popular anime, even cartoon, in Indonesia.


The Doraemon manga series has been published by Elex Media Komputindo in the following series:

  • Doraemon
  • Seri Peralatan Ajaib Doraemon (Magic Equipment Series Doraemon)
  • Doraemon Petualangan (Doraemon Adventures)
  • Cerita Spesial Doraemon (Special Story Doraemon)
  • Seri Ekspedisi Doraemon (Expedition Series Doraemon)
  • Belajar Menghitung bersama Doraemon (Learn To Count Together with Doraemon)
  • Dorabase
  • The Doraemons
  • Doraemon Comic Quiz



The comparison between the old and new versions of the cover of Indonesian translation of "Doraemon: Nobita's Great Adventure into the Underworld" manga.

In Indonesia, Doraemon manga almost always has different writing due to different translation team. Early on, the Indonesian translation of the manga was generally poor, crude, or slang-ridden, the manga was mirrored to be read from left-to-right, and it was localized. For example: Japan was localized into Indonesia, and one particular story has a shot of money redrawn into actual Indonesian rupiah and subsequently every mention of currency, but when the manga series was reprinted in 2010s, it was reverted to the original right-to-left format, and it was translated faithfully from the original Japanese version, with most untranslatable plot-important Japanese puns and references given footnotes.


one strip comic where nobita accidentally drop 500 yen coin when close up changed old 5000 indonesian rupiah banknote instated 500 yen coin


The anime is broadcasted on RCTI. The anime was distributed by International Media Marketing Group (shortened as IMMG) from 1997 to mid-December 2020, when ADK EMOTIONS (PT ADK Connect Emotions Indonesia) started distributing it. Also, it broadcasted on GTV since October 2023, as part of GTV's 21st anniversary present.

The 1979 anime first aired on November 13, 1988 (when RCTI was still on test broadcast for first time) and the 1979 anime returned airing on December 9, 1990 until 2011 and reran until 2014/2015.

The 2005 version airs since 2011 and is still airing in the present. Reruns started to air in 2019.

Doraemon is broadcasted on RCTI every Sunday at 08.00 Indonesian Western Time (IWST) since 1990 and currently moved to 08.30 IWST since February 14, 2021[1] (previously broadcast in 17.30 during test transmission in 1988).

Previously, SCTV also aired Doraemon on the same time like RCTI (At the time, SCTV relayed some RCTI programs when RCTI was still broadcasted in Jakarta via decoder only which later become free terrestrial broadcasting in 1990 and SCTV was still broadcasted in Surabaya and several East Java cities (later extended its transmission to Bali in 1991) as SCTV and RCTI were one group). SCTV stopped airing Doraemon in 1993 after SCTV started broadcasting nationally.


  • The opening intro and ending credits' footage were edited out.
    • Sometimes, ending credits appears with credits or also shortened.
  • The title cards are edited unlike in India, Malaysia and Philippines (see "Title Card" for more information).
    • The episode names are translated into Indonesian.
  • Some Japanese texts remain unedited.
    • There are exceptions in the 2005 anime where Indonesian text replaced Japanese text when Doraemon introduces a gadget
  • Nobita calls Nobisuke and Tamako "Ayah" (lit. "Dad") and "Ibu" (lit. "Mom") respectively instead of Papa and Mama in the Japanese dub.
  • Sensei is called "Pak Guru".
  • Every scene with any kind of nudity are censored in white due to censorship regulations.


Starting from mid February 2019, the 2005 anime which aired in 8.00 Western Time are reruns of the previous episodes which was originally aired either months ago or years ago as there are no new episodes that are dubbed in Indonesian. The same happens in the other international versions (the special episodes are not dubbed in the other international versions, despite this, but the U.S. English dub has a few special episodes dubbed in English).

As stated above, along with other international versions, episodes with updated animation aren't aired in Indonesia and most international countries yet.

On May 6, 2019, The Indonesian Film Censorship Board (Indonesian: Lembaga Sensor Film (LSF)) webpage noted that the new Doraemon episode had passed the censorship, and was likely to air on TV soon. However, they still rerun previous episodes of the Indonesian dub of the 2005 anime because they are still dubbing new episodes, including the mid-2017 to present episodes with updated animation.

On February 2020, RCTI returned to broadcast a new pre-updated animation episode at 8.00 Western Time. RCTI has not broadcast the mid 2017-present episodes because RCTI still has to broadcast the remaining pre-updated animation episodes.

Starting April 9, 2023, RCTI has started broadcasting Doraemon 2017 Animation Update episode 491. The opening song still using previous version, and title card was changed to Raccoon Maker title card style and title word was changed to current story title.

As for now, Doraemon now schedule to every day, instead of Sunday Morning only, and it changed to 2 hours act as the movie.


The opening song uses Doraemon no Uta in Indonesian since the first broadcast in 1988. The opening song still continues in the 2005 anime as Indonesia still doesn't have the time for translating Yume wo Kanaete and due to the popularity of Doraemon no Uta. Even though the song has never played in Indonesia, Shizuka has ever sung it in the episode “Flying Sky Carpet”, marks it as the only time the song has ever heard officially in Indonesian dub of Doraemon.

Currently, in the 2005 version, the ending uses the Japanese version of Doraemon Ekaki Uta (Previously used Indonesian version of the 1979 version).

List of songs which have been translated:


Doraemon no Uta[]

Aku Ingin Begini
Aku Ingin Begitu
Ingin Ini Ingin Itu Banyak Sekali
Semua Semua Semua
Dapat Dikabulkan
Dapat Dikabulkan Dengan Kantong Ajaib
Aku Ingin Terbang Bebas Diangkasa
Hai Baling Baling Bambu!
La La La, Aku Sayang Sekali Doraemon
La La La, Aku Sayang Sekali Doraemon

Bokutachi Chikyuujin[]

Lihat-lihatlah bunga andai ku mekar
Tiba saat mengucapkan selamat pagi
Masa depan semua mari kita bangun
Lalalala lalalala bernyanyi bersama
Saya hidup di bumi ini
masa depan dengan kapal angkasa
Mari kita banyak-banyak berhip riang
Menjadikan satu-satu kita wujudkan
Kita hidup di bumi ini
Pagi ini esok dan seterusnya
Masa indah sangat banyak kota impian
Menjadikan satu-satu kita wujudkan

Aoi Sora wa Poketto sa[]

Langit biru.... adalah kantong
Kantong yang dapat meraih bahagia
Mari jalan-jalan sambil bersiul
Lihatlah ke atas, sang matahari
La la la la la... menyinarinya


  • The opening song's singer and composer as well as the singer and composer of the classic 1979 version's closing song are still unknown.
  • The opening song is almost unchanged since the initial broadcast; even the 2005 version is still using the song. Although the opening song had a full version and had been played in 1990s, most people have forgotten about it.
  • As of 2023, The opening version of the 2005 version still uses the first version of Yume wo Kanaete's video with the Indonesian version of Doraemon no Uta as the background song and (Doraemon Ekaki Uta) as the closing song.
    • This likely because no official Indonesian version of Yume wo Kanaete exists.



In Cinema[]

The 2019 film, Doraemon: Nobita's Chronicle of the Moon Exploration, was released in March 18, 2020, advanced from the original schedule a week before. However, it was released several days after because of the coronavirus pandemic in Indonesia.[2] It was originally to be released in September 25, 2019, but it was postponed (simillar but unlike what Korea to do with the movie due to 2019 Japan-South Korea trade dispute) because Indonesia needed to release Doraemon: Nobita's Treasure Island first.

In 2021, it was announced that Doraemon: Nobita's New Dinosaur would be released on March 10, 2021 with the original Japanese dub.[3]

In Television[]

Starting from 11th Doraemon movie (Doraemon: Nobita and the Animal Planet), RCTI has broadcast all Doraemon movies in the 1979 and the 2005 anime including Doraemon: Nobita's Chronicle of the Moon Exploration (except 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th movie, while 36th, 37th, and 38th movie taken over by Trans TV). Previously sometimes, RCTI would broadcast a Doraemon movie in the weekdays or holidays in the morning. GTV also broadcast all Doraemon movies since October 2023, as RCTI's sister channel.

Nowadays, Trans TV has broadcast the few Doraemon movies (see above), including Stand by Me Doraemon that previously aired on RCTI.

RCTI aired Doraemon: Nobita's Chronicle of the Moon Exploration on August 17, 2020. It was the first Doraemon movie where Dana Robbyansyah debuted as the new Doraemon dubber.[4]

MNCTV rerun Doraemon movies starting to Swordsmen at Thurday 16 December 2021. [5]

Also, Stand By Me Doraemon back on RCTI after Trans TV broadcast over 4 years.

Doraemon movie also aired on IndiKids. But instead using dub version like RCTI/Trans TV/MNCTV/GTV does, the IndiKids on the other hand is used Indonesian Subtitles and Original Japanese Dub, Starting from Doraemon: Nobita's New Dinosaur

Release date of Doraemon films (2005 anime) in Indonesia[]
Title Cinema Television
Doraemon: Nobita's Dinosaur 2006 (Nobita dan Dinosaurus) July 9, 2008[6] January 1, 2010[7]
Doraemon: Nobita's New Great Adventure into the Underworld ~The 7 Magic Users~ (Petualangan Nobita di Dunia Sihir) None June 20, 2011
Doraemon: Nobita and the Green Giant Legend (Kisah Nobita dan Manusia Negeri Hijau) June 29, 2011
Doraemon: The Record of Nobita's Spaceblazer (Petualangan Super Nobita di Negeri Koya-koya) August 30, 2011
Doraemon: Nobita's Great Battle of the Mermaid King February 8, 2012[8] January 1, 2014[9]
Doraemon: Nobita and the New Steel Troops ~Winged Angels~ (Pertarungan Nobita Melawan Pasukan Planet Megathobia) None May 9, 2013[10]
Doraemon: Nobita and the Island of Miracles ~Animal Adventure~ (Petualangan Nobita di Pulau Keajaiban) June 30, 2014[11]
Doraemon: Nobita's Secret Gadget Museum (Petualangan Nobita di Museum Alat-alat Ajaib) January 1, 2015[12]
Doraemon: New Nobita's Great Demon ~Peko and the Exploration Party of 5~ (Petualangan Nobita yang Penuh Misteri di Benua Afrika) January 1, 2016[13]
Stand by Me Doraemon December 10, 2014[14] August 25, 2015 (RCTI)[15] December 24, 2018 (Trans TV)
Doraemon: Nobita's Space Heroes (Nobita dan Pasukan Pelindung Galaksi) July 22, 2015[16] December 31, 2016[17]
Doraemon: Nobita and the Birth of Japan 2016 February 24, 2017[18] March 22, 2020[19]
Doraemon: Nobita's Great Adventure in the Antarctic Kachi Kochi October 19, 2018[20] December 15, 2019
Doraemon: Nobita's Treasure Island December 14, 2019[21] May 13, 2021
Doraemon: Nobita's Chronicle of the Moon Exploration March 18, 2020 August 17, 2020

Seiyu/Voice Cast[]

The first generation cast of Doraemon in Indonesia dubbed the 1979 anime on 1988-2006, and made a comeback on 2008-2009. The second generation cast also dubbed the 1979 anime on 2006-2008. The third generation cast was formed in 2009, they dubbed the 1979 anime as well as the 2005 anime which was broadcasted since 2011.

1st Generation Cast[22][23][]

Character Seiyuu
Doraemon (1988 to 1993) Anita Riyadi
Doraemon (1993-2006, 2008-2009) Nurhasanah Iskandar
Nobita Ivonne Rose
Shizuka Prabawati Sukarta
Suneo (1988-2006, 2008-2009) Hamdani Hasni
Gian (1988-2005) Is Andespa
Gian (2005-2006, 2008-2009) Salman Gondrong
Nobita's mom Elly Kusumah
Nobita's dad (1988 to 2006), Teacher (1988 to 2006) Unknown
Nobita's dad (2008 to 2009), Teacher (2008 to 2009) Unknown
Gian's mom Ana Satria Lubis

2nd Generation Cast[]

Character Seiyuu
Doraemon (2006) Selvy Hosizah
Doraemon (2006-2008) Nurhasanah Iskandar
Nobita Ayu Puspitasari
Shizuka (2006-2008), Dorami (2006-2008) Nurul Ulfah
Suneo (2006-2008) Agus Nurhasan
Gian Wiwied Kazao
Nobita's mom Susy Setiawaty
Nobita's dad, Teacher Unknown
Sewashi, Dekisugi Wiwiek Supadmi

3rd Generation Cast[]

Character Seiyuu
Doraemon (2009 to 2018) Nurhasanah Iskandar
Doraemon (starting from February 2018) Dana Robbyansyah
Nobita Dewi Sartika
Shizuka (2009-2013) Merysha Chandra
Shizuka (2013-present) Jessy Milianty
Suneo (2009-present) Santosa Amin
Gian (2009-present) Bima Sakti
Nobita's mom Uni Alex
Nobita's dad, Teacher Iwan Dahlan
Dorami, Dekisugi, Shizuka's mom, Suneo's mom Loecy Soesilo

Cast for "Stand By Me Doraemon (RCTI)"[24][]

Character Seiyuu
Doraemon Ika Zidane
Nobita Ivonne Rose
Shizuka Nurul Ulfah
Suneo Mohammad Romli
Gian Wiwied Kazao
Nobita's mom Violet Enoy
Nobita's dad, Teacher Elias Gibel Siswanto
Sewashi, Dekisugi Wiwiek Supadmi

Cast for "Stand by me Doraemon 2 (RCTI)"[25][]

Character Seiyuu
Doraemon Dana Robbyansyah
Nobita Dewi Sartika
Nobita (adult) Hardi
Shizuka, Nobita's grandma Jessy Milianty
Suneo Santosa Amin
Gian Bima Sakti
Nobita's mom Uni Alex
Nobita's Dad, Teacher Iwan Dahlan
Dekisugi Siti Balqis


  • Starting from February 2018, the main Indonesian Doraemon seiyuu (Nurhasanah Iskandar) was replaced by her son, Dana Robbyansyah, because of her health factors.
  • On June 15, 2020, the first Indonesian Shizuka seiyuu (Prabawati Sukarta) passed away due to kidney failure. She was the third Indonesian Doraemon seiyuu who has passed away after Is Andespa (first Indonesian Giant seiyuu) who passed away in 2005 and Hamdani Hasni (first Indonesian Suneo seiyuu) who passed away in November 2010.[26][27]
  • On July 12, 2020, the second Indonesian Doraemon seiyuu (1979 series-2005 series) (Nurhasanah Iskandar) passed away due to a stroke after 2 years. This is was the fourth Indonesia Doraemon seiyuu who has passed away and the second Indonesian seiyuu who passed away on the same year after Prabawati Sukarta.

Title Cards[]

In Indonesian dub, it has own title card (unlike in India, Philippines, Malaysia where they use Japanese title card). During the 1979 version, there are a few title cards that were edited into the Indonesian versions of the title cards. Currently, the 2005 version had three title cards with only minor editing.

1979 Version[]

  • First version, During early episode from initial broadcast until mid 90s, the title card was blue background with cropped yellow Doraemon's background placed in right bottom. it has revised few times with lighter blue background and new font during 90s to early 2000s. and in early 2000s, it used orange, green, and light blue background and Doraemon's photo moved into central below.
  • Second version from early to mid 2000s, the title card same like Title card 3 in Japan version with exception Japanese text was closed with square and replace with Indonesia name of episode.
  • Third and final version mid 2000s until 2011, the third title card same like Title card 5 in Japan version with exception Japanese text was closed with square and replace with Indonesian name of episode.

2005 Version[]

Since 2005 Version aired in Indonesia, there are three title cards are same like in Japan but the title cards are not full and edited to Indonesian text.

  • During early episode, it same like in Japan. But, the title card name were replaced with only Doraemon face with a name of episode placed in Doraemon's mouth.
    • This was likely because no place to edit title cards
  • The second variant is the Doraemon's holding a name of episode in Indonesian text in place of Japanese text (Indonesian dub write in Comic Sans MS).
    • The updated version of second variant had shortened title card video and also shortened music (until February 2019 and since February 2020) like in Japan.
  • The third variant is similar as third pre-animation title card in Japan but Japanese text was removed and replaced with Indonesian text used similar font as in second variant, with is capitalized.
    • Although Japanese text has replaced with Indonesian Text, Furigana can been seen and it can't removed.


Some of Doraemon's episodes had cut out and censored some scenes in Indonesia because some scenes are considered inappropriate content and prevent violation on regulation of Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) or replaced with advertisement for unknown reason or skipped half of the minutes to the end credits for unknown reason.

List of scenes where had cut out and censored[]

  • In Episode Changing a Handbag to a Hippo with the Object Conversion Gun?!, the scene where Shizuka gave a pants (underwear) by Bread Seller because Nobita changed a pan into pants cut. The reason is inappropriate and disgusting for some viewers.
  • In Episode Black Belt, where Doraemon being throw into outside by Nobita is cut.
  • In Episode Ninja Training Set, where Nobita second time to enter Shizuka's House in disguise invisibly and enter to Shizuka's bathroom and see Shizuka taking a bath is cut due to inappropriate scene, like the USA English dub does.
  • In Episode The Tale of Nobita's Dream, the Superhero Adventure dream and the scene where the (last) reappearance of the characters from the each dream and Nobita finds the television from his house and sees his family laughing at him on the other side is cut because the scene were inappropriate for children or time constraints. However, a scene where Nobita in the Superhero Adventure costume while Instructor Nobita pointing out was not cut.
  • In Episode Revolving Sushi of People I Wanna See, two scenes were cut out.
    • The scene where Nobita calling Shizuka was cut for unknown reason or possibly time constraints,
    • Nobita calling Shizuka when he was take a bath on her bathtub was also cut because the scene were inappropriate for children.
  • In Episode It's Solved! The Dekisugi Case, several scenes were cut out.
    • Nobita bought a meat from Butcher named Matsuda paid and gave money to him via OET Adapter and give to Tamako is cut for unknown reason.
    • Nobita talked to Shizuka outside his house and Doraemon returned her skirt makes she embarrassed is cut due of possibly inappropriate scene.
    • Nobita grabbed Shizuka's Skirt on second time is cut, skipped and shortened because it suggested that Shizuka wear without her skirt is inappropriate and impolite scene.
    • The scene where Shizuka wasn't wearing a skirt after Nobita grabbed her skirt is cut and skipped to her face, Nobita wanted to return Shizuka's skirt after solved Dekisugi's Chase until Nobita chased her while holding her skirt and Shizuka ran into the school is cut and shortened because it considered inappropriate.
  • In Episode Doing Anything I Please with the Magic Hands, the scene where Nobita tickle Doraemon with Magic Hand is cut and replaced with advertisement for unknown reason, and Magic Butt which the butt part is censored in white because of inappropriate content.
  • In Episode Electric Shock Trade, the scene where Doraemon with Nobita's Personality is some of parts were cut such as Doraemon chased by Gian and Suneo personality and replaced with advertisement for unknown reason making the scene skipped into the scene where Doraemon with Nobita's Personality meet Gian and Suneo along with Shizuka to desire to join baseball team.
  • In Episode Going for a Vacuum Cleaner Drive, there is an error which a Indonesian text were incorrect display instead stack with Japanese text.
  • In Episode Getting Through the Summer with a Mini House, several scene is cut because of time constraints.
  • In Episode Substitution on Television to the South Island, A Shizuka wears Swimming Suit has been blurred.


In February 2016, a report that twitter user (AndikaWebeb) tweeted about censorship in Shizuka's bikini which from one of episode which aired in Indonesia on 31 January 2016. He thought and wrote that they (KPI) were excessive because Shizuka wasn't naked at that episode. Previously, Indonesia censors every kind of nudity scene in other anime and cartoon series. Although, Commissioner of KPI has said that KPI didn't censoring before the program aired and denied about instructing to censor and to blur some scene in cartoon. But LSF (Lembaga Sensor Film/ Film Censorship Institute) determines what needs to be censored or to be blurred before the program is shown to the public.


2020 04 16 08 55 29

Indonesian Doraemon themed ramens which was produced by Nissin


School Toolkit and Notebook Doraemon Merchandise by Ajinomoto

  • Several Indonesian dubbed episodes of the 1979 anime and 2005 anime were lost and unavailable online.
    • Few Indonesian dubbed 1979 episode were available online while some early 2005 episode were lost.
  • The reason why there is ad breaks in the middle of episode is possibly because for increasing profit and the policy of RCTI itself.
  • Previously, Doraemon was sponsored by several brands such as McDonald's, Campina Ice Cream, Ajinomoto, etc. in 1990s on RCTI and no longer sponsored since 2000s. Although, the sponsored brand was now only when episode is playing.
    • Doraemon themed ramens were also sold in Indonesia back in 1990s.
    • Also, The School Toolkit and Notebook are merchandising prize back in 1990s
  • Similar to drug cases happened in Taiwan and Thailand, it existed an fake Doraemon money (similar to an Doraemon manga chapter and the 1979 anime episode) but only used for fraud purposes.
  • In recent times, for example, the ratings for the animated series have beaten soap operas on television, and it was noted that the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, also liked reading the story of this cat robot.
  • Doraemon fanatical lovers (and a number of voiceovers) in Indonesia have formed a community called Doraemoners Indonesia, where one of the heads of Doraemoners for Manado, Regina Karwur is noted to have a house in Bitung, North Sulawesi, which is designed entirely with Doraemon knick-knacks; The house has been recorded as being covered by international media.
  • In 2021, at a village "Legok" at Tangerang County, Indonesia, "Boboiboy[28]" and Doraemon cosplayers encouraging villagers to have a free virus test there.[29]
  • There's also existed an local-made "unofficial" Doraemon statues at an Indonesian park.[30]


On November 28, 2014 until March 8, 2015, Indonesia held Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo in Jakarta Ancol Beach. Then on December 7, 2015 until February 14, 2016 Indonesia back to hold it back at the Grand City Mall Surabaya.


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