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Doraemon in Latin America refers to the Mexican dub of the Doraemon series in all the countries of Latin America.


Despite the manga were never released, In some Latin American countries, the show was called Doraemon El Gato CósmicoO Gato Cósmico (Doraemon The Cosmic Cat) and the cat's name was Cósmico (Cosmic), yet sometimes named Doraemon and Robotin (Only used in 1980.)

Doraemon has been broadcast until the present in:

  • Brazil (now aired as a part of Animated Summer block on an Brazillian channel in 2019, with the script based off the original Japanese dub but with names of the USA English dub)
  • Argentina
  • Chile broadcast by Chilevisión, MeGa, and Canal 13 (Chile) (during the 80's)
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Colombia under the Gato Cósmico title and Mexican Spanish dubbing
  • Ecuador broadcast by Teleamazonas
  • Guatemala broadcast by Trecevisión
  • Paraguay
  • Peru broadcast by Red Global (now Red TV)

Doraemon was broadcast for some years from 1982 in

  • Brazil, under the Doraemon, O Super-Gato Portuguese title for broadcast by Rede Manchete children program Clube da Criança (the new series was aired under the title Doraemon, O Gato do Futuro for some reasons).
  • Bolivia
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Puerto Rico (It is unknown as to what channel it aired)
  • Venezuela
  • Chile, broadcast in Canal 13 (Chile) during 1982 and 1984

Doraemon used to be available on Netflix in Brazil. In Chile it is currently airing on ETC.


The manga has never been released despite the popularity of the anime.


Latin America and Mexico

The Mexican Spanish dub has been aired on several Latin American channels such of the now defunct Magic Kids.

During late 1990s and mid 2000s, Rose Entertainment licensed the rights to the series in Latin America except Brazil. The Mexican Spanish dub was very popular in Latin American countries like Ecuador and Chile.

The dubbing studio is Art Sound México, the dubbing director is Armando Coria and the translator is Homero Villareal.

1979 anime


The realization of the Mexican dub of Doraemon (1979 anime) began in 1999 and ended in 2011, only 306 episodes divided into 4 seasons were dubbed.

2005 anime


The realization of the Mexican dub of Doraemon (2005 anime) began in 2014 and ended in 2015, only 104 episodes divided into 3 seasons were dubbed.


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Only the first film has been dubbed, the transmissions date back to the 1980, 20 years before the 1979 series were dubbed in Mexican Spanish, as it was called "Robotín: Pepito y el dinosaurio ", Funnily enough,.Araceli de León (which voiced Pepito/Nobita in the film) began to voice Nobita Nobi in the main 1979 series as the second one for the series.



Character Voice actor
Doraemon (Robotín) Héctor Lee
Nobita Nobi (Pepito) Araceli de León
Shizuka Minamoto (Andrea) Patricia Acevedo
Takeshi Gouda (Cantimplora) Alfonso Obregón
Suneo Honekawa (Enrique) Ariadna Rivas

1979 anime

Character Voice actor
Doraemon Ricardo Tejedo
Irwin Daayán
Nobita Nobi Laura Torres
Nobita Nobi Araceli de León
Nobita Nobi Ariadna Rivas
Nobita Nobi Rommy Mendoza
Shizuka Minamoto Cristina Hernández
Shizuka Minamoto Vanessa Garcel
Suneo Honekawa Irwin Daayán
Takeshi Gouda Luis Daniel Ramírez
Hidetoshi Dekisugi Bruno Coronel
Nobisuke Nobi Alfonso Ramírez
Nobisuke Nobi Carlos del Campo
Tamako Nobi Magda Giner
Tamako Nobi Rebeca Manríquez
Tamako Nobi Yolanda Vidal
Sewashi Nobi Laura Torres
Sewashi Nobi Isabel Martiñón
Sewashi Nobi Abraham Vega
Sensei Enrique Cervantes
Sensei Jorge Ornelas
Dorami María Fernanda Morales

2005 anime

Character Voice actor
Doraemon Irwin Daayán
Nobita Nobi Laura Torres
Shizuka Minamoto Cristina Hernández
Suneo Honekawa Irwin Daayán
Takeshi Gouda Luis Daniel Ramírez
Tamako Nobi Adriana Casas
Nobisuke Nobi Agustín López
Dorami Lupita Leal
Hidetoshi Dekisugi Miguel Ángel Leal
Sensei Jorge Ornelas

Video Games

Doraemon: Story of Seasons released in Latin America and Mexico on 2019 and translated in Spanish, making the first Doraemon video game to be released on Latin American countries.


  • Unlike the European Spanish dub, the series logo was translated under the name Doraemon, El Gato Cosmico, instead of narrator speaking the Spanish name after the untranslated Japanese series logo appears.
    • However, in the remastered European Spanish dub, the Latin American Spanish logo was used instead.
  • When the Mexican Spanish dub of the series is ended, your watching the Spain Spanish dubbed episodes videos in YouTube were claimed as Latin Spanish dubbed by some Latin America and Mexico/Spain YouTube users. (But it's actually Spain Spanish dubbed)
  • It is currently unknown where Doraemon aired or what channel was it on in Puerto Rico, as it remains a mystery to many.
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