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Doraemon in Malaysia refers to the English, Malay and Chinese adaptation of the Doraemon series in Malaysia.



The ad banner for the Gempak Starz's 2019 publications of Malay translation of Japanese compilation volumes.


The original 1993 Malay version of the Doraemon manga volume 24 cover.

For some years since 1993, Malaysia has exported the unofficial Chinese translation of the manga series that published by the following publishers:

  • 吉林美术出版社 / Jilin Fine Arts Publishing House (Licensed and published in China)
  • 儿童美术出版社 (Children's Art Publishing House, Értóng měishù chūbǎn shè)
  • 西藏人民出版社
  • 中華文化出版 (Chinese Culture Publishing, Zhōnghuá wénhuà chūbǎn)

The Malay translated of the comics along with Chinese translated of the comics was released by Penerbit Tora Aman, which currently closed its doors on May 31, 2017.

Since its original publications in early 1990s, Tora Aman has reprinted the manga series in Chinese and Malay frequently in years till its company's closure.

Doraemon manga has even been published in bilingual volumes (English and Chinese) and can be found in Johor Bahru's Sutera Mall Library before it was almost out of stock sometimes.

In 2019, the Malay translated of the comics was released by Gempak Starz, the Malaysian comic company behind the Lawak Kampus (also known as Kuso High School) and X-Venture comics. A total of 17 compilation volumes were released. It was based on Japanese compilation volumes from 1994. In November of 2020, Gempak Starz also published the compilation volumes in Malaysian Chinese too.

Doraemon 1994 Collection Book English cover

The Shogagukan English translation of 1994 Japanese manga compilation volumes (and as well as volume 0), placed in an bookstore. This was taken from r/Doraemon Reddit server.

General Manager of Gempak Starz company, Steven Soo, has stated that he wishes that Malaysian manga fans and readers can continue support the Malay version of Doraemon, and that's he and his entire crew at Gempak Starz company's gift for the Malaysians.[1]

Shogagukan Asia also has published the English translation of the 1994 Japanese manga compilation volumes (and as well as volume 0) and only published those in parts of Southeast Asia, including Malaysia.


The anime series were formerly dubbed by Take One Productions, an Malay anime dubbing studios. It was also distributed by International Media Marketing Group (shortended as IMMG) in Malaysia since 1990s.

The Malay dub of the anime was aired on RTM1 in 1992-2002, then NTV7 from 2003 to mid-late 2018, it was separated from the Indonesian dub which aired on RCTI in 1988 and the script was different, the title card was not translated (like in India and Philippines which also not translated). All of the opening and ending songs was left undubbed (With the exception of Doraemon Ekaki Uta from 2005 anime series), and it was less censored. The anime series was broadcast on 7:30pm every Saturday.

Astro Wah Lai Toi aired the Cantonese dub of the 2005 anime series in year of 2009, the same time the dub was aired on Hong Kong and Macau.

Astro logo - Magenta - Copy

Starting in early 2018, the Malay dub continues to air on NTV7 while Indonesia still aired new dubbed episodes until between 2019-2020. On the same time the early Malay-dubbed episodes aired on Astro Ceria.

A Taiwanese Chinese dub of the anime was aired in 8TV during mid 2017 to early 2018, while the Chinese dub was aired on Singapore 8 Channel's Sunday morning block in Malaysia (and was repeat telecasts since 2016) until 2019 when Mediacorp ceased operations in Malaysia and the Mediacorp programming was moved to some Malaysia TV channels such of Astro AEC, etc. while the early episodes of Malay dub was still aired on Astro Ceria on the same time before 30-31 May, 2019.

The Malaysian English Speedy dub of 1979 anime episodes and several films were produced in late 1990s unofficially along with Cyborg Kuro-chan anime episodes and Dragon Ball Z films.

As of 2020, airings of Doraemon along with Crayon Shin-chan on NTV7 are permanently paused due to expiry of the show's license rights and the COVID-19 pandemic, and as well as NTV7's rebrand to DidikTV KPM in 2021 (Thought still has NTV7 brand name).

20200319 112644

Currently, the Malay dub of the 2005 anime series, known as New Doraemon, has been aired on Astro Ceria since 2020, 2:00pm every Monday and Friday. It was also available on Astro GO.

Seiyu/Voice Cast[]

Character Seiyuu
Doraemon Ruhaiyah Ibrahim (2000s-2010s)
Nobita Ruhaiyah Ibrahim (1990s-2000s)
Azizah Jais (2000s-2010s)
Shizuka Zairaini Sarbini

Suriani Shamsuddin

Suneo Faizal Isa
Takeshi/Gian Sharul Titis
Dorami Noriah Abd Rahman
Dekisugi Noriah Abd Rahman


Stand by Me Doraemon 2 Brunei movie poster

Stand by Me Doraemon 2 Brunei movie poster

GSC Cinemas' poster regarding technical issues and the postponing of Doraemon: Nobita's New Dinosaur and Detective Conan: The Scarlet Alibi

GSC Cinemas' poster regarding technical issues and the postponing of Doraemon: Nobita's New Dinosaur and Detective Conan: The Scarlet Alibi


  • The 100-year special exhibition before the birth of Doraemon was held in Malaysia on December 14, 2013.
  • Doraemon Showcase was held at the CityONE Megamall in Kuching, Malaysia from May 27, 2016 to June 12, 2016.



The 2021 Malaysian promotion poster of the Doraemon McDonalds Kids Meal space toy sets.

In August of 2021, it was announced that McDonalds would sell Kids' Meal including an Doraemon space toys on Malaysia. However, the space-themed toys were similar to Japan, except that toys were modified to remove references to Doraemon: Nobita's Little Space Wars 2021. Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and South Korea had also earlier announced that they would sell the same merchandises on their McDonalds restaurant too.[7]



The example of the censorship in Malaysian translation of the Doraemon manga, where the private parts were censored with a strange circle thing. The example image is one panel from the Antique Competition chapter.

In Malay translation of the manga published by Tora Aman, private parts were always censored with a strange circle thing, and as well as probably erases Shizuka's body when she's nude (which is probably occurs in a few volumes of the Malaysian Chinese version published by Tora Aman). In earlier Malay translations, Suneo is known as "Sinyu", though the recent Malay translations published by Tora Aman and as well as Gempak Starz uses his original name.

Sometimes the opening song was either shorten or skipped to the episode title card instead in TV airing due to time constraint; while it's almost uncut and the dub is separated from the Indonesian dub; and the title card isn't edited into Malay.

On the Astro Ceria airings, the opening intro and ending credits are using the 2005 version with subtitles and some changes was kept from the NTV7 airings. This airing offered the Japanese and Malay audio track, unlike in Spain. Currently Astro Ceria are air reruns of the 1979 series episodes from early to mid 1980s (which formerly aired on NTV7)



  • London Choco Roll (2010-2012)


  • Fun fact: NTV7 aired the anime series after Crayon Shin-chan in Malaysia, unlike in Japan where the anime series is aired before Crayon Shin-chan on Friday; Until starting from October 5, 2019 Japan would air the series after Crayon Shin-chan on Saturday.
  • The series has featured in Malaysian news reports too.
  • Doraemon has cameo appearances in the Gempak Starz comic series Lawak Kampus.


2020 04 02 08 48 12 3251

The controversial poster

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a series of posters on "Kebahagian Rumahtangga" posted on the Women and Family Development Ministry's Facebook page has raised the ire of women over their sexist messaging.

In one poster with a caricature of a woman and man hanging clothes out to dry, the message reads: "Jika melihat pasangan melakukan sesuatu yang bercanggah dengan kehendak kita, elakkan dari berleter – gunakan perkataan 'humorous' seperti 'cara sidang baju macam ni lah sayangku' (tiru nada Doraemon dan diikuti dengan gelak manja)"

The English translation is, "If your spouse does something that you do not like, don't nag him. Use humour and tell him 'this is the way you hang the clothes, my darling' (using Doraemon's tone and giggling)."[8][9][10]


The meme image

However, it is considered too controversial enough to spawn memes around the said controversy, and even a website claims that an British news have reported the incident for British audience from the United Kingdom.[11] To add to this, Chelsia Ng does the voice of Doraemon in an viral video.[12]