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Doraemon in Polish refers to the Polish adaptation of the Doraemon series in Polish.


The Polish dub of the 1979 anime and 2005 anime were aired in Poland. The 2005 anime were first aired on Disney XD Poland in January 20, 2014. Since September 14, 2015, reruns were aired on Disney Channel Poland until January 31, 2016[1]. It seems that only 58 episodes of the 2005 anime series were dubbed and aired in Poland. Currently the dub is no longer airing anymore but all episodes can be found online.

The opening and ending songs were undubbed and kept in Japanese. For the 1979 anime, it was a voiceover in Polish with European Spanish/Portuguese audio.


In April of 2022, Japanese brand UNIQLO has launched a series of Doraemon merchandises in Poland.


  • In Poland the 2005 anime series was aired with Turkish edits probably due to licensing issues.
  • The Polish dub has less dubbed episodes than the Turkish dub.
  • In 2015, on official Disney XD Poland YouTube channel has been posted the 5-minute clip of an episode, which has never been aired on TV.[2]