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Doraemon in Russia refers to the adaptation of the Doraemon franchise in Russia.



Russian Manga Cover

In 1990, a Russian translation of the manga was released. Not much is known about it, as only the cover has been seen.


1979 anime[]

In 1993, Japan Foundation agreed to air a Russian dub of Doraemon, which first broadcasted on Channel One Russia, broadcasting on 2x2 later on in 2011[1]. The dub seems to be mostly lost, and only a few episodes can be found online.

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Russia only saw official dubs released for the movies in 2021, when Stand By Me Doraemon 1 & 2 were released by Netflix, fully dubbed in Russian. Before that, any dub made for the movies was unlicensed, and only included voice-over narration. The official dub was produced by the studio Iyuno-SDI Russia, now known as Iyuno Russia.

As of March 6, 2022, Netflix suspended all of its services in Russia, due to the current invasion of Ukraine, rendering both movies unwatchable in Russian territory. The dub can still be watched from other locations, however.


  • The Russian dub is one of the few international dubs to be considered mostly lost.


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Дораэмон - Doraemon, 1 серия из 70, TV 1979 RUS-0

One of the only Russian dubbed episodes that were found on the internet.