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Logo of Doraemon manga in Vietnam

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Logo of Doraemon anime in Vietnam

Doraemon in Vietnam refers to the Vietnamese adaptation of the Doraemon series in Vietnam.


The manga was first published illegally in Vietnam by Kim Đồng Publishing House in 1992. The Thai version was used as a reference for the illegal Vietnamese translation. The manga was eventually licensed and re-published legally in Vietnam in 1996.


1979 anime

Sometime in 2000, a Vietnamese dub of Doraemon (1979 anime) aired on VTV1 and VTC1 in Vietnam. HTV3 later aired 52 episodes of the series from January 9 to July 4, 2010. New dubbed episodes later aired from November 20, 2014 to December 2, 2015.

2005 anime

A Vietnamese dub of Doraemon (2005 anime) has been airing on HTV3 in Vietnam since December 3, 2015.

Doraemon's name of characters before and after Berne Convention

Original name Vietnamizative name Katakana
Doraemon (ドラえもん) Đôrêmon Doremon (ドレモーン)
Nobita (のび太) Nôbita Nobita (ノビタ)
Shizuka (静香) Xuka Sukaa (スカー)
Jaian (ジャイアン) Chaien Chaien (チャイエン)
Jaiko (ジャイ子) Chaikô Chaiko (チャイコ)
Suneo (スネ夫) Xêkô Sekoo (セコー)
SuneTsugu (スネツグ) Xưki Suki (スキ)
Hidetoshi Dekisugi (出木杉英才) Đêkhi Dehii (デヒー)
Hideotoshi Hideo (出木杉ヒデヨ) Đêkhimô Dehiimo (デヒーモ)
Moteo (もて夫) Môchi Mochii (モチー)
Nobisuke (ノビスケ) Nôbitu Nobitsu (ノビツ)
Sewashi (セワシ) Nôbitô Nobito (ノビト)


  • Althought some of the Vietnamese subbed of the episodes can been seen on YouTube and Dailymotion, and the Vietnamese subbed video is 2005 anime version recorded during TV streaming.