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Doreamon is Really Sick?
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Release date August 31, 2007
Japanese title ドラえもんが重病に?
English title Doreamon is Really Sick?
Episode number 87B (192)
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Doraemon is Really Sick? is an episode from the 2005 series.


Something is very wrong with Doraemon, and it’s up to Nobita to fix him – from the inside.

He uses Small Light on himself and shrinks and enters Doraemon through his mouth. He then meets Mini-Dora who helps him repair Doraemon. It was hard for both of them to do so but they finally somehow managed to fix Doraemon with Mini-Dora's gadgets, Nobita's determination and their unity.


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  • This episode is made some different from 1979 anime.
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