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Your dreams will come true if you put in the effort.

— Dorami , Getting Fired Up! Dorami's Crash Course in Figure Skating

Dorami (ドラミ(どらみ)Dorami) (manufactured on December 2, 2114) is the younger sister of Doraemon and a supporting character.

She likes Melon Bread and is afraid of cockroaches, according to the 1989 short film Mini-Dora SOS!!, although she shows no apparent fear of cockroaches in the last panel of the manga story Urashima Candy. She is also shown to be a more advanced robot than Doraemon (Dorami is able to produce 10,000 horse power, in comparison to Doraemon's 129.3). Different from her malfunctioned brother, she's the smartest student during her school time, and has better skills in using gadgets. She also has her own spin-off manga. Her boyfriend is Dora the Kid, one of the members of The Doraemons. Her signature color is cobalt yellow or sometimes, she becomes red.


Dorami is cobalt yellow and has a red bow with a flower tail. Her body is similar to most other models of her type though 4D pocket has red crossed stripes on it and her eyes are "similar" to Shizuka Minamoto. She has eyelashes, pink make-up, a blue neck band but no whiskers.

Personality & Characteristics

Dorami was created by a scientist in the 22nd century as an advanced model to help a depressed Doraemon in recovery. To fit her purpose, the scientist did not install ears and replaced them with a red bow.

They are considered siblings since they were injected with fuel from the same canister. As mentioned by the scientist's frog assistant, Dorami was lubricated with sterilized fuel drawn from the dense parts located near the bottom, in contrast her brother who was fed with the contaminated top slick.

Being an advanced model, Dorami has superior intelligence. In general she is a responsible, kind and sensible robot, allowing her to appeal most others, but can still be enraged and provoked by disruptive behavior (such as Dora the Kid attacking people at random). She is in many ways the opposite of Doraemon, but they both are eager to help others when they are in trouble. She produces more horse power as a machine compared to Doraemon despite her size.

In general, she likes Melon Bread and other kind individuals, has a dislike for general untidiness, and is terrified of cockroaches. She also hates the "Pufferfish" alias.



VideoCapture 20200324-211154.jpg

Maybe you don't have your ears, but your ribbon makes you even more cuter.

— Doraemon

Dorami is usually on good terms with her brother, who in particular likes her bow tie.

She is sometimes critical of Doraemon's methods to help Nobita, though her attempts usually backfire. She also argues with him when he cannot leave to attend a mechanical check-up in the future (as he is concerned of Nobita), and often she ends up dragging him if Nobita is not capable of fixing the issue.

Dora the Kid

I told you, I'll make sure you're safe.

— Dora the Kid

Dora the Kid and Dorami as seen in the Doraemons Special manga.

Dorami's love interest is Dora The Kid. In the "Doraemons Game Comic" Vol. 2; the academy was in the middle of arranging Dorami's graduation, before being seized by the scrapped old robots that had been replaced, to improve the school's teaching facilities. She summoned The Doraemons through her brother's card, and together (mostly with Dora the Kid), they managed saved the day. Their love blossoms after the incident, and Doraemon seems to give consent to their relationship.

Even though they argue a lot, they truly love each other. Usually their fight ends as fast as it started, with both apologizing to each other. This was shown several times:

Once Dorami scowls him that she dislikes men who are hot-headed. Kid did not give it much thought, thinking it was just usual bickering, and it will soon die out. But he got anxious when it turns out that she didn't visit him over Christmas. Thus, he asked for Doraemon's assistance to cure his bad temper. Despite the concerns; Kid insists on using the 'Arrow of Reverse' to reverses his personality, which ends up slowing his movements, talking in a funny way, even delaying his rapid fires. After struggling with several goons; it's revealed that Dorami had been working part time to buy him a cake as a Christmas present. Kid munched it all up with glee and the two made up.

There was another incident where Dorami is weeping about the fact that Kid, uses her present (the air gun) to hurt others. She made him promise not to use it for violence, with her chime as a reminder. In the end, Kid managed to keep his promise to defeats outlaws without using the gun (at least technically).

He was the only one who could tell who was the real Dorami when Granton disguised himself as her. Kid yelled, "Dorami isn't a crybaby!"

The 4gag Coma at the end of Volume 10 also reveals that Kid secretly wants to see Dorami "change her bow".

Nobita Nobi

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She helps Nobita in the absence of Doraemon and tries to make him a better person. However, unlike Doraemon, Dorami is much more helpful and compassionate to Nobita to the point of consoling him. When Dorami temporarily replaced Doraemon, she noticed how miserable Nobita is without her brother around. So she decided to let Doraemon come back to Nobita while she returned to Sewashi in the 22nd century.

Shizuka Minamoto

She was ready to help Shizuka as shown in some episodes. They have a close relationship with each other due to the fact that both of them are females.


Dorami's first appearance. She wasn't considered as Doraemon's sister then

  • She has an orange Anywhere Door and a Small Light that is shaped like a flower.
  • Dorami never appeared in the 1973 anime. This is probably because her first appearance was in March 1973 (a month before the show began airing), when the show was already in production.
    • However, she appears on the opening/ending theme song's record cover, likely meaning that she may have intended to appear in the second season had the show not been cancelled.
  • In the Hindi, Tamil and Bengali versions, her name is Doremi, although she was referred to as 'Dorami' in some of the early Hindi episodes. She is also named Dorēmi (Doraemi in some occasions) in the Thai version to go with the Thai version's pronunciation of Doraemon as Dorēmon (The "Ra" and "e" mixed up to "Re"). Unlike Doraemon whose pronunciation had been changed to be closer to the Japanese Version in the recent dub, Dorami retains hers.
  • She has her own theme song in the spin-off manga and series, titled Hello! Dorami-chan. However, Dorami is also the only main character to not have their theme song redone or replaced in the 2005 series, as Nobita, Shizuka, Gian, Suneo, and Doraemon all have updated theme songs.
  • Her gadgets are usually depicted to appear as more "girly", like her pink take-copter and flowery Anywhere Door.
  • Dorami was created after a girl reader of Shogakukan, from Nara Prefecture, who sent the idea of creating "Dorami-chan". The idea was approved. Dorami first appeared in the March 1973 issue, but was depicted as Doraemon's "girlfriend" rather than his sister. Also, her design was different. Dorami debuted formally in April 1973, now as Doraemon's sister, for some reason.
  • She was going to appear in Go To The Doctor, Doraemon! and The Galaxy Grand Prix, (2014-2015 English Dub) but was cut out due to time constraints.
  • Dorami is the only character in Doraemon Wii: Secret Tool King Tournament to not technically be part of the major cast.
  • Despite being an advanced model compared to Doraemon, Dorami is not watertight, whereas her brother is.
  • Her name seems to come from the French term Ami (friend), from Latin Amīcus.
  • In the North American dub version of Doraemon, she made her debut Doraemon, Squared.
    • Her name was pronounced Doraeme, but the spelling was still Dorami.




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