Dorami's Happy House
Dorami no happy house
Release date June 6, 2002
Japanese title ドラミのハッピーハウス
English title Dorami's Happy House
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Dorami's Happy House is an episode of the Doraemon 1979 anime.


The episode starts off when Nobita's school bell rings and Nobita chases off Shizuka, but Suneo runs faster to reach Shizuka first and invites her to play the new video game. Nobita then asks Shizuka to come to his home but Shizuka refuses to go with him. Nobita becomes depressed and Gian invites himself to Nobita's house to hear his new song. Nobita quickly runs home shouting Doraemon's name. When he comes home, a colorful frill falls over his head and a welcoming music which is produced by a saxophone and a paper falls on him in which is written "Welcome!". Nobita happily walks on the stairs, and when he steps on each stair, that stair glows up with pink color and produces a sound like a piano. He enters his room and sees Dorami welcoming him. Nobita is happy to see this and asks what was this all about. She explains that it is her gadget. Nobita sadly sits on the floor, on which she questions that what happened to him. Nobita tells her that Shizuka is not playing with although he invited her.

Dorami has an idea to make Nobita happy so she goes to the roof of Nobis' Residence and takes out her gadget which is shaped like a tree glove, and calls Shizuka who is going to Suneo's home. At the road, a mailman riding a scooter accidentally drops Nobita's mail, Shizuka runs to give the letter to him but he doesn't listen, she then notices the mail belongs to Nobita so she decides to give it Nobita.

Doraemon enters Nobita's room and happily says about Dorami's Happy House and asks Nobita about Dorami but Nobita tells that Dorami is not here. Then Nobita tells him that Gian is coming to sing his new song, and Doraemon is scared so he takes out his Surprise House and replaces the Happy House, but just then Shizuka arrives.

Scary things happen to her and finally she trips and falls into Nobita's room and starts crying. Doraemon takes out his Happy Bird to make Shizuka happy. Dorami then arrives and informs she invited Shizuka here, and replaces the Surprise House with Super Deluxe Happy House which changes Nobita's room into a fairytale land, making Shizuka happy. Just then, Gian arrives and sees the special treatment to him. He enters Nobita's room and starts singing, causing everybody to be disturbed.

Suneo then is seen to be still waiting for Shizuka.


Gadgets used


  • Some parts of the episode are cut from the Taiwanese version.
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