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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Head Down to the Path of Evil
2005 anime series
The Best Melon Bread in the World
Dorami's Worst Day Ever
Dorami no saiaku no tsuitachi
General Information
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date December 5, 2008
Season 4
Episode number 151a
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Dorami's Worst Day Ever is an episode from the Anime 2005. It is an original episode.


The episode begins with Dorami walking around in a room in 2112 waiting for her brother Doraemon, while a coffee machine begins to dispense coffee. Just as she complains, Doraemon arrives and apologizes, while she offers him a cup of coffee. Doraemon holds the cup with his left hand and tries to search his pocket with the other, claiming that he has a present for her, though he struggles to find the melon bread and instead retrieves a variety of irrelevant items, much to her confusion. Doraemon eventually loses his balance and spills the coffee on their 4D pockets, forcing them to clean the stained items with a washing machine. Dorami chastises him for disorganization, and he sighs. She mentions that they will be both late in their jobs, to which he apologizes, turns off the machine and grabs a pocket before leaving to his errands. Dorami warns that they haven't dried yet, but he ignores her and heads out, reminding her that she needs to replace Doraemon at Nobita's place.

Meanwhile in the Nobi residence, Nobita is woken by a chiming clock and he disables the alert, before realizing that he overslept and is late for school. He panics and changes his clothes while Dorami pops out of the drawer and apologizes. Nobita was surprised that Doraemon wasn't present, to which she explains that he is running errands in the future and is busy. She then attempts to take out a powered walker, specifying that once the desired period and destination is set he'll arrive on time. However, they both realize that she took out a metal kettle instead. She tries to grab the Anywhere Door, though Nobita tells her that it is a green hair dryer. Panicking, Doraemon frantically searches in the pocket and produces more irrelevant items, much to their panic. Dorami eventually manages to open a portal off-screen, and Nobita still arrives late. As he apologizes, everyone mocks him, and he begins to cry.

After school, Dorami accompanies Nobita home, apologizing for causing his fiasco earlier on. Nobita forgives her mistake but is surprised that it happened, and Dorami add that it is also a first occurrence. Nobita then suggests that she might be in a slumping state, and Dorami, after a brief confusion, agrees. She assures him that she will try to prevent such consequences in the future.

When they return home, Nobita refuses to do his homework, opting to play outside instead. Dorami stops him, though Nobita claims that he doesn't have the will to finish it anyway. Dorami sighs and attempts to give him a helpful item, but instead draws the Memory Toast, much to their confusion. Nobita ends up doing his homework anyway.

After finishing his homework, Nobita heads out to play baseball, advising Dorami not to come, though she insists on follows at Doraemon's behalf. He arrives late and Gian forces him to do a home run, to which Dorami offers him a Golden Bat, guaranteed to ensure a successful attempt. After thanking her, he swings the bat, which generates strong air currents, knocking everyone but himself and Dorami away. Dorami then realizes that she gave him the Windstorm Bat, which spawned a tiny hurricane from its devastating swing. In the next game, Gian orders Nobita to catch the ball. Dorami attempts to help by slowing the object with a laser, but inadvertently grabs an Energy Amplifier, drastically increasing its mass and size instead. A terrified Nobita is helpless and the sphere crushes him. Dorami panics after the disastrous result and asks if Nobita is okay, to which he confirms that he is barely alive. On the way back Dorami apologizes again and bemoans on the oddities today, though he doesn't seem to mind, claiming that these happen to him frequently too. He then suggests going to Shizuka's place.

At the Minamoto household, the three admire Shizuka's pet bird Peeko. Shizuka heads out to get some tea, and Nobita, out of curiosity, attempts to open the cage so Peeko can grip on his fingers. However, the bird instead escapes. Dorami fails to obtain a useful gadget and forces the two on a road chase, where she tries to use the Take-copter, but miserably falls when she takes out a Bamboo Roll instead, much to her chagrin. Nobita ignores her and continues his search in streets, alleys, playgrounds, wells and walls, even encountering a vicious dog in the way.

Dorami chases Nobita into the woods and finds him on a tree attempting to capture Peeko. She again tries to help by using a Magic Stick, which instead explodes into flowers, causing Nobita to fall while Peeko flies away. Nobita gets up after falling, and Dorami apologizes again, suggesting that they should give up. Nobita, however, refuses, citing that he shall recompense for Shizuka, to whom he pities, and adds that Peeko would not have flew away if he did not attempt to tease the bird before running off. Inspired, Dorami decides to continue. After spotting Peeko again, she gives chase, only to trip on a rock instead. Panting and panicking as the bird flies away, she is relieved to discover that Peeko drew closer before landing on her hand, chirping. She promptly cries in joy.

Nobita returns to Shizuka's place empty-handed where he apologizes to her for losing Peeko. Shizuka, however, also apologizes, while explaining that Peeko is naughty and has escaped multiple times prior, with this attempt being well anticipated by her. Nobita specifies that he had opened the cage which led to Peeko fleeing. Interrupted by Dorami's sudden arrival, they are surprised to discover that she has captured Peeko alive and well. Shizuka locks Peeko in the cage, scolds it for the escape attempt, and apologizes again before thanking them for retrieving Peeko. Nobita claims that they should thank Dorami instead, though she instead thanks Nobita for motivating her.

Dorami and Nobita return home, with him complaining on the disastrous events today while she apologizes for being useless. Nobita, while reading a comic book, consoles her as they managed to retrieve Peeko. Doraemon pops out of the drawer and just as Dorami greets him, she discovers that her pocket was on him the entire time. Doraemon apologizes, claiming that he grabbed the wrong one from the washing machine, and the other two realize that it caused them to mess up constantly when she is unable to draw items she needs, much to Nobita's amusement. Doraemon was initially confused, but also quickly comes to the conclusion yet is unaware of their experiences today while he was away. Enraged, Dorami stomps away as Doraemon frantically apologizes to her and offers to buy her some Melon Bread, though she refuses to bulge, while Nobita continues reading his comic as the episode ends.


Gadgets used[]


  • While using the Windstorm Bat, the sound of the baseball being struck is heard, even though the ball ends up in the catcher's glove.