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2005 anime series
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Dorami's Worst Day Ever

Ep Dorami's Worst Day Ever Title


Dorami no saiaku no tsuitachi
Broadcast by TV Asahi
Anime series 2005
Broadcast date December 5, 2008
Season 4
Episode number 151a
Adapted manga chapter
Theme Songs

Dorami's Worst Day Ever is an episode from the Anime 2005. It is an original episode.


As Doraemon is in a great hurry, he asks for Dorami to take care of Nobita for the time being. However, when he arrived in the future, an accident resulted in them having to wash both their 4D Pockets. Dorami's pocket apparently loses her red stripes, but when she searches for a suitable gadget for Nobita to use, she ends up taking out either the wrong or irrelevant gadgets, thereby also affecting his day both at school and at the baseball match. Dorami and Nobita later go to Shizuka's house to take a look at her pet bird, Peeko, but when Nobita opens the cage to touch it for a while, it escapes! Can Dorami, who is unable to rely on her gadgets, find Peeko and return it to Shizuka by her own will?


Gadgets used


  • While using the Windstorm Bat, Nobita strikes the ball, but the ball ends up on the catcher's glove.
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