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Robot School's Seven Mysteries
230px-Robot School's Seven Mysteries
Film poster
ドラミ&ドラえもんズ ロボット学校七不思議!?
Genre Adventure
Anime television film
Directed by Yoshitomo Yonetani
Studio Shinei, Shogakukan
Network TV Asahi
Released March 2, 1996
Runtime 31 minutes

Robot School's Seven Mysteries!? (ドラミ&ドラえもんズ ロボット学校七不思議!?) is a Doraemon short film takes place in the school which Doraemon and other robots are trained in. It features the Doraemons and Dorami-chan. It is based on the chapter of a same name from The Doraemons Volume 2.


Doraemon's little sister - Dorami-chan prepares to graduate from the Robot School. But a mysterious wind sucks Doraemon and the principal away. Dorami escapes, and finds Doraemon's Good Friend Telepathy Card, which is a device Doraemon uses to communicate with his friends—collectively known as The Doraemons. Dorami together with all the Doraemons (mostly with Kid) manages to save the day. After the incident Kid and Dorami falls in love with each other.


In addition, the following characters can be seen during Dorami's graduation: Sewashi and his mother, Noramyako, Nobita, Shizuka, Suneo and Gian.


  • This short film marked the time when Dora the Kid and Dorami falls in love with each other.



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