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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Dorami Theater: Rapunzel, the princess in the Tower
Release date December 17, 2010
Japanese title 土とうの中のおひめさま
English title Dorami Theater: Rapunzel, the princess in the Tower
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Rapunzel, The Princess in the Tower (土とうの中のおひめさま) is a short after a Christmas special of a 2005 anime episode. As Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian, Suneo and Dorami want to have a play for Christmas, it didn't work well which results in a switch of roles.


Once upon a time, in a tower in a forest, lived a princess (Dorami) who had a beautiful voice that can be heard far away. Because of the witch (Shizuka), Dorami is held captive in the tower and had never went out, and she sings from the window of the tower. One day, a prince (Suneo) from a rich country was riding a horse (Nobita and Gian) when he hears Dorami singing from the tower. He learns how to enter the tower after Shizuka drops by and enters the tower by letting down Dorami's hair and enters the tower after Shizuka leaves, but Dorami did not like Suneo's arrogance and cuts her hair, causing Suneo to fall.

After Gian say that it has a bad casting, Nobita thinks that they will memorize again the roles depending on casting. Doraemon, who was the narrator, brings out the Auto Action Prompter so that they won't need to memorize the script, and after a round of random selection, Doraemon becomes the princess while Gian becomes the prince. As everyone restarts the play, because of Gian's weight, Doraemon's hair comes off and causes Gian to fall off the tower.

They switch roles again, with Shizuka and Nobita as the princess and prince, respectively. However, because Gian and Suneo rewrote the script, Nobita finds Shizuka bathing when he went up the tower and is given a beating. He falls down the tower. Doraemon finds that the play is not working, but Gian decided that he himself play the role of the princess. Doraemon, Nobita and Suneo disagree, and Gian proceeds to beat them up. Because it was nearing the end of the episode, Dorami went on to her Christmas Message project.

Cast and characters[]

Version Knight / Narrator Horse back Horse front Witch Prince Princess
Version 1 Doraemon Gian Nobita Shizuka Suneo Dorami
Version 2 Shizuka Suneo Nobita Dorami Gian Doraemon
Version 3 Gian Dorami Doraemon Suneo Nobita Shizuka

Gadgets used[]

  • Universal Stage Device
  • Auto Action Prompter



The English translated transcript of the episode can be viewed here


  • The story was based on a fairytale story, Rapunzel and a famous Disney movie, Tangled.