Dream Player (or Dreamplayer) is a gadget belonged to Doraemon.


This gadget makes the user be in a specific dream that is playing. A list of each dream (both USA English dub and original Japanese version were included):

  • Instructor / Lesson
  • Teenage Drama/Chase the Sun (NOTE: It showcase only the final scene.)

Manga version

  • Humor
  • Fashion

1979 version

  • Western
  • Star Wars / S F

2005 version

  • Pirate Story
  • Sci-Fi
  • Superhero Adventure
  • Sword and Sorcery
  • Horror
  • Romantic
  • Era
  • History



  • It is illegal to having an Romantic disk since Buddhist not allows Romantic or pornographics.
  • In the manga and 1979 anime version, the disks are VHS cassettes back then, with only names labeled on cassettes cover.
  • Those cassettes / CD were not ejected, as Doraemon stated. However, Instructor / Lesson is not the one of the cassettes / CD that not ejected.
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