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Dream TV (Japanese: ユメテレビ) is one of  Doraemon's gadgets.


As a TV gadget, it shows other people's dreams. Changing the channel changes the direction and distance the TV scans for, allowing you to see anyone's dreams.

What happens if the monitor breaks?[]

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If the monitor of the gadget is destroyed, this will allow the enemy of anyone's dreams you watched to pop up to the real world and cause havoc. However, this has not happened.

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  • In the manga and anime, It is unknown if Nobita really used The Dream Channel to curb his insomnia, as this episode lasted for only 11 minutes (or 6.5 minutes in the 1979 anime, and 9 pages in the original manga version). Most probably, Doraemon had used this to find out what Nobita is dreaming, as he had overslept, while other students are already going to school.
    • However, Doraemon never introduced the gadget (again) to Nobita later.
  • It is revealed that in the 2017 anime version, the gadget can be used to watch normal TV programmings.