Dress Up Camera (きせかえカメラ Kise kae Kamera, lit. "Dress Camera") is a gadget that resembles a typical non-digital camera. It may instantly change a person's attire depending on the design the picture put inside it.


The history of the Dress Up Camera can be briefly seen in the 2013 movie, Nobita's Secret Gadget Museum ~museum Adventure~.

The older prototypes of the Dress Up Camera resembles older designs of camera since the older times. Like the one used by Doraemon and Kurt to dress up Shizuka, the Dress Up Camera looks like a dry plates camera since the 19th century. Kurt uses a flasher that later transforms Shizuka's current attire in smokes, then become a 19th Century Western-style stylish dress.


The Dress Up Camera transforms the current person's attire into the same one based on the picture of sketches put inside it. It immediately replaces the previous attire, but the method of reverting it is never directly shown. If no picture or a blank picture is put inside it, the person's attire will be transformed into 'nothing', making them naked instead.

In the USA English dub, this gadget suffered a bit nerf, wherever no picture or a blank picture is put inside it, the person will be naked with pants instead.




  • Suneo generally draws designs for the clothes in movies and sometimes he makes "mistakes" for Shizuka's clothes.
  • In the American English version, its called The Instant Wardrobe Cam.
  • And in the U.K. English version, its also called Change of Clothes Camera.
  • Dorami has a green-colored Dress Up Camera.
  • In the app Doraemon Gadget Rush, this gadget is renamed Instant Wardrobe Cam.


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