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Episode depicted in this article is from 1973 anime.
Duel! Nobita and Gian
Kettō! Nobita to Jaian
General Information
Broadcast by Nippon Television
Anime series 1973
Broadcast date May 13, 1973
Season 1
Episode number 7A
Doraemon Nobita Become Strong
Opening Doraemon (1973 Song)
Ending Doraemon Rumba
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Duel! Nobita and Gian (決闘!のび太とジャイアン Kettō! Nobita to Jaian) is an episode from the Doraemon 1973 anime.


Gian began to learn judo, he's proud of being strong. Gian, who did not care about Nobita's remarks against it, applied for a duel to him, then he cried to Doraemon. "In fact, I have a confrontation with rival stray cats" said Doraemon, he said that he can't help Nobita and he had panic then. Doraemon went to the reconnaissance in the dojo where Gian was practicing. Looking through the window, Gian was thrown down by a boy of kindergarten. "Your older brother is outstanding, please take it over again." That child provoked Gian. Although Gian jumped over the boy, he finished without winning anywhere. Doraemon, who was watching it: "It seems that he does not seem to be able to win over him". He took out the camera from the pocket and photographed the boy. Gian is on his way home, He goes back saying "I can not lose such a clowy...I will leave it for a while". And finally the fighting time has come. Nobita is waiting at Judo with clothing, in a battlefield where the vegetation rises in the wind. His heart is rattled with fear. Doraemon gave out a life-sized copy of the old boy from that camera, "Practice with this until Gian comes." says Doraemon. And Doraemon also made copies of the opponent cats, and they started practicing with each other's dummy partner. Soon Gian will appear in judo uniform. However, Doraemon was amazed. Nobita does not enemy himself at all. Gian noticed that Nobita was against that boy. Looking at the dummy of a boy who was tight, Gian said: "Well, did this guy lose with you?" and Nobita replied: "Sure, that's right!". Gian flew away and ran away. However, Nobita followed him and caught him and threw it off with strength and won. "You did it! Nobita!" said Doraemon, who was watching it. "Wow, next is me!", he said, and challenge a rival stray cat, but unfortunately this is a return.


Gadgets used[]

  • Unnamed Camera that creates human-sized dummies of other humans.
  • Black Tape

Script of the episode[]

The script of the episode was auctioned in Mandarake Auctions and can be watched here.


  • To this date, there is no footage of this episode online.
  • Like Rats Are As Weak As Cats, this episode was never remade again in any of the later anime series.