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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.
Earth Elevator
Doraemon Episode 468A
Release date January 13, 2017
Japanese title 地球エレベーター
English title Earth Elevator
Season number 13
Episode number 468A
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Earth Elevator is an episode from the Doraemon (2005 series). It is also the first episode of the year 2017.


One day with a winter vacation. Suneo's car passes through them and Suneo said that they will travels with his parents to Brazil because it is summer there and they leave. Moreover, early in the morning of the next day, Suneo called Nobita from the plane which will arrive in Brazil soon, Nobita is dying and dull. So, Nobita think to go ahead to Brazil before Suneo and his parents come, but timing is bad the Anywhere Door is out of order. So, Doraemon took out the Earth Elevator which allows you to move through the hole to the Earth. It will passes through the middle of the earth, Doraemon also said that you can go up to Brazil on the other side in 42 minutes just one way. Immediately, Nobita invites Shizuka and Gian to come also. However, it arrived at the sea. Nobita fell to the sea and gone wet. So they decided to go back again to Japan and go back again to Brazil. This time Gian about to start the elevator, Nobita sneezes accidentally, changes the destination, and they arrived at the outback of the Amazon. Not long after going out of the elevator door, they meet a leopard cat, and everyone is chased. Doraemon takes out a Lifesaver Squid Boat to let everyone escape to the Amazon River. The things that they see is the beautiful sunrise and the pink dolphins. In the evening, Nobita returns home and hands a peacock bass to his mother, and then Suneo calls to show off, and says that he will arrive in Brazil in only 30 minutes, and he will go directly to Iguazu Falls when he arrives. After talking on the phone, Suneo returnes to his seat and told his mother that he was so tired and could he fly first class next time. Nobita and others also decide to go to Iguazu Falls, and they want to get ahead of Suneo. After Suneo arrived, he see Nobita and the others are very surprised. Nobita says he comes by the elevator, but Suneo goes in and sees that he accidentally presses the button, and returns to Japan.


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