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The Emotion Removal Factory

The Emotion Removal Law was a decree issued by Queen Jeanne of the Robot Kingdom after her ascension to the throne following the late King Atom. Believing that robots with emotion were the cause of her father's demise, Jeanne passed this law which forbidded all robots from having any form of emotions and must had them removed by the Royal Palace. The robots that went through the process will only focus on the role that they were assigned at birth and won't obey any other request. Any robots that defied the law were branded heretic and confined. In addition, few robots were selected to participate in the colosseum and battled each other with the winners get to keep their emotion while the losers had theirs removed.

The law was later revoked by Jeanne herself after she realized the error of her way as this was not what her father who longed for the world that humans and robots coexist peacefully wanted.


  • Robby (S-01 or X-01 in manga) - emotion removed, later restored.
  • Unnamed Servant Robot (F-01) - emotion removed, later restored.
  • Unnamed Nurse Robot (manga) - emotion removed, later restored.
  • Doraemon - captured and confined. Emotion removal process failed. Forced to fight in the colosseum at Dester's order and rescued by the gang after his victory.
  • Poko (T-02) - escaped
  • Maria (T-01) - captured and confined. Never went through the process at Jeanne's order. Released.
  • Kongfighter - captured and confined, later released.
  • Many unnamed robots - emotion removed, later restored.