Evolution-Degeneration Beam (進化退化ビーム) is Doraemon's gadget.


This gadget is use to evolve or devolve/degenerate anything whether living or inanimate object.



In Anime & Manga

  • Doraemon evolved Nobita's radio.
  • Doraemon evolved Nobita's radio second time.
  • Doraemon devolved Nobita's radio.
  • Nobita evolved his pencil into automatic pencil.
  • Nobita evolved his bedroom lamp.
  • Nobita evolved the door into automatic door.
  • Doraemon (inadvertently, the real purpose is to see the man from future) devolved his Father into prehistoric man.
  • Doraemon devolved a bird into dinosaur. (in anime)
  • Nobita devolved a trapped mouse.
  • Nobita devolved a cat. (in anime)
  • Nobita devolved mouse trap.
  • Nobita evolved his Father into future man.

In Movies


2001 movie

  • Doraemon wants to devolved Phoenixia but the gadget inadvertently set to evolution mode.
  • All humanoid bird are created with this gadget.

2004 movie

  • Nobita evolved Ichi into humanoid dog.
  • All of Wannyan people can walk upright because this gadget.




  • In anime the color is teal but in the movie the color is red.
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