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Episode depicted in this article is from 2005 anime.

Fallen Leaves and Jaiko is an episode from the Doraemon 2005 anime. This episode is called When the Last Leaf Falls in the U.S. English version/dub.

Jaiko faints when she is reading O.Henry fiction《The Last Leaves》and eating red sweet potatoes, and becomes ill as Gian gives his sister more sweet potatoes, sent to hospital. Suneo shows off bungee jump background, Nobita ill-affected in the heart, but he afraid of bungee jump, he asks does Doraemon have not afraid of bungee jump gadget. Meanwhile, Doraemon takes Nobita on a trip through a gadget that shrinks them and lifts him to a tree, where a Leafbelt enables him to attach to and fall safely on a falling leaf. He finds he likes it and introduces it to Shizuka and Suneo. The gang plays happily. She mentions there are some red leaves on tree at the hospital, the gang goes to the hospital. After comes to the hospital, it discover it remains two red leaves on the tree. But hospitalized Jaiko looks falling leaf outside the window, thinks of plot in the O.Henry fiction, when the last leaf on the tree outside the window falls, Jaiko thinks she'll die sadly. Gian looks remain two red leaves are shaking, thinks falling leaves are going to fall, so she goes outside to look. Finally, she sees Nobita and Suneo look which leaf falls first when they playing falling leaves bungee jump, very angry, After pass Gulliver Tunnel to become small, climb the tree to try to stop both.

Meanwhile, The wind blows out outside, Suneo"s leaf falls down first at his limit. She sees leaf falls down, she is very sad. Sebsequently, Nobita's leaf also shakes, Gian comes up to pull him, Finally both falls down with leaves together. To prevent leaves fall down, Doraemon and Shizuka use Rocket Straw to blow both to the sky.

But, Gian's mother come to the hospital, tell Jaiko eats too many red sweet potatoes and she doesn't have incurable disease to have, It's time to leave the hospital, Gian's mother needs to read him this lecture because he leaves from shop-keeping. Doraemon and Shizuka search Nobita and Gian, they blown too high, they don't know what it will fly to.


  • In the original version Jaiko is eating sweet potatoes while she's reading her book, but in the U.S. English version, she's eating popcorn.
  • Jaiko's belief that she will die once the last leaf falls is instead changed to her believing that the goblins will kidnap and take her into the forest.