Fallen Leaves and Jaiko is an episode from the Doraemon 2005 anime. This episode is called When the Last Leaf Falls in the U.S. English version/dub.

Jaiko is reading a book, and becomes ill as Gian gives his sister more sweet potatoes, and gets shocked. Meanwhile, Doraemon takes Nobita on a trip through a gadget that shrinks them and lifts him to a tree, where a Leafbelt enables him to attach to and fall safely on a falling leaf. He finds he likes it and introduces it to Shizuka and Suneo. But when the last leaf on the tree outside the window falls, Jaiko thinks she'll die.


  • In the original version Jaiko is eating sweet potatoes while she's reading her book, but in the U.S. English version, she's eating popcorn.
  • Jaiko's belief that she will die once the last leaf falls is instead changed to her believing that the goblins will kidnap and take her into the forest.
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